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So, I've been studying how to use ArcGIS and here was the fun results of one project - mapping out where all the 26754 people who claim Singapore as their ...

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  • Where do those born in Singapore live in the US? I made a map to answer that question.

    dsng.net - the daryl sng blog: Where do Singaporeans in the US live?

    dsng.net 16 Dec '13, 6pm

    While "Singapore-born" includes a number of people who were born in Singapore as the children of American expats who now live in the US, as well as a number of people who gave up their citizenship, I suspect that this data is a relatively accurate proxy for where Singaporeans live in ...

  • dsng.net - the daryl sng blog: Did ATMs kill the bank teller's job?

    dsng.net 15 Jun '11, 9pm

    Did ATMs kill the bank teller's job? A thought on Alain de Botton's Status Anxiety (my current reading ) that struck me. Writing in Fast Company , Charles Fishman once made the point that employment has grown in some service businesses that have been automated: At the dawn of the self...

  • Tiešām Šakils Heat laikos ir stažējies par policistu: “@GStrikauskis: @raimondszeps Ir ir,

    dsng.net - the daryl sng blog: Shaq nabs assault suspect

    dsng.net 06 Feb '12, 12pm

    Miami Heat giant centre Shaquille O'Neal put his police training to good use when he helped nab a suspect who allegedly assaulted a gay couple. O'Neal, who is working towards a career as a policeman once his basketball playing days are over, witnessed a man yell anti-gay remarks and t...