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  • 10 Tips for Guaranteed Concept Development Success | Design Sojourn via @designsojourn

    10 Tips for Guaranteed Concept Development Success 06 Jul '14, 2pm

    8) Pick a Good Idea and Refine It Many times you will have so many options and possible design solutions that it becomes just a boat load of confusion. The best thing to do is pick a good idea and develop it. Some times arriving at a good design solution becomes difficult when you jus...

  • Is Good Design Making us Stupid? 27 May '14, 3pm

    Convenience. Ease of use. Seamlessness. On the face of it, these all seem like desirable traits in digital and physical products alike. But they come at a price. When we design, we try to do the work so that the user doesn’t have to. We do the thinking so the user doesn’t have to. Don...

  • Next to the Skin Technology Showcase: The Process: As you may know from our last post, we worked with ETPL

    Next to the Skin Technology Showcase: The Process 16 May '14, 11am

    A warm welcome to you dear reader! If you have not already, why not subscribe to The Design Sojourn Newsletter and get my latest thoughts on Strategies for Good Design conveniently delivered right to your inbox? It's free! You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well. Thanks...

  • Next to the Skin : 8 Weeks, 10 Wearable Concept Designs and Everything Else in Between!

    Next to the Skin : 8 Weeks, 10 Wearable Concept Designs and Everything Else in Between! 06 May '14, 4pm

    I’m super excited to share that tomorrow marks the launch of one of the biggest projects we have led and worked on to date. In partnership with ETPL , we brought to life The Next to the Skin Technology Showcase where in 8 weeks, we worked with multidisciplinary teams of scientists, en...

  • No One Really Cares About Your Great Idea 08 Apr '14, 2pm

    Before I answer your question directly (and I promise I will) let me just offer the opinion that young entrepreneurs often think this is a real problem which faces them, when in fact the opposite problem is much much much more likely to be the case: far from other people seeing your t...

  • The Design Process Simplifed 01 Jun '14, 8am

    We value your comments as they provide different perspectives that we can learn from and/or improve our products as we see this blog as a platform for interaction and exchange with our friends. However, whilst we welcome constructive criticism, we do not tolerate offensive and disresp...

  • This is why Large Corporations need to INNOVATE or DIE

    This is why Large Corporations need to INNOVATE or DIE 25 Apr '14, 3am

    For too long, Comfort has relied on its market dominance and has stagnated in improving its services. The usefulness of its electronic terminals (developed in the early 2000s by ST Electronics and running Windows CE) for bookings is probably at an end. The arrival of GrabTaxi has quic...

  • Nimble Design Firms should Do Good 06 Feb '14, 10am

    There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few of them. And possibly only one profession is phonier. Advertising design, in persuading people to buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, in order to impress others who don’t care, is probab...

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