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  • Is Your Business Ready for Innovation?

    Is Your Business Ready for Innovation? 23 Feb '17, 11am

    Some of you might be familiar with the Diffusion of Innovation . It is a theory that seeks to explain how new ideas and technology spread and is typically used to explain consumers’ adoption of technology. Through our course of work, we’ve come to realise this theory can also be used ...

  • What is Design Worth? A Masterclass on Design's Value 23 Feb '17, 9am

    Design as a Strategy is the next big thing. Enlightened companies such as Apple, Dyson and PepsiCo have bet on Design and won. But to bet on something you need to know its value, unfortunately many designers and creatives find it hard to identify and put a value on design. Thus commun...

  • The Future of Design Consulting: 4 Business Models to Consider

    The Future of Design Consulting: 4 Business Models to Consider 04 Nov '16, 2am

    The Design Currency Logo by Jeff Harrison . Over the recent Chinese New Year holidays, I met a very well traveled designer. We were discussing the pitfalls of running a design consultancy, and that conversation eventually led to consulting business models. He basically said, “The majo...

  • Fighting the Status Quo 11 Aug '16, 10am

    Many of us, stuck in the trenches of Design Thinking, have to challenge the status quo. We have to convince, cajole, or fight with people to effect change. Change goes against established Orthodoxies or cultural norms, thus you would have likely heard a lot of: “Son, this is how thing...

  • Why not forget Design Thinking and try Multidisciplinary Thinking instead? 27 Dec '16, 10pm

    Indeed, the real power of Claudia’s story is that she isn’t a designer. I see this phenomenon all the time: accounts who lead a design revolution, former journalists who manage a technology lab, even doctors who become agents of organizational change. All of these cases suggest that s...

  • Come to our Creative Freelancer Bootcamp! It's Free! 21 Jun '16, 12pm

    FREEDOM! That is the first thing that freelancers talk about when asked why they became a freelancer. Why work in an office when you can work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an Internet connection? While the benefits are many, the challenge is managing clients, money...

  • 90% of All Content is BS so Don't be Lazy 06 Jan '17, 5pm

    90% of All Content is BS so Don’t be Lazy By Brian Ling (Design Sojourn) August 3, 2015 Designing Designers 2013/4 Brad Frost from CreativeMornings/PGH on Vimeo . What an awesome Creative Mornings talk by Brad Frost on why we should not to be lazy in design. Or for that matter, in the...

  • (Re)building Trust in the Healthcare System 05 Jan '17, 5pm

    Earlier this month, it was reported that 22 patients in a renal ward of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have been infected with the deadly hepatitis C virus. 4 have since died. The current prognosis is that it was likely due to cross-contamination across medical equipment. I’m co...

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