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Hello Dblchinis. I love cleansing wipes, they are convenient and easy to use on the go. I still remember Biore was the first in the market to launch their very own ...

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  • Back To The Program – Invisalign Lite Treatment https://t.co/xWZAGKYSzk

    Back To The Program – Invisalign Lite Treatment – Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 16 Aug '18, 4pm

    Oh hello, hello! I’m back with the invisalign program again! Remember a couple of years back (around 6 years ago) I started invisalign treatment with Orchard Scotts Dental ? Well, that was the best thing I had ever take on in my life! I would never ever imagined myself with uniformed ...

  • Where have I been? - Dblchin.com

    Where have I been? - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 05 Oct '17, 9am

    Seems like I’ve lost myself in the middle of the woods, I don’t even know how to start anymore. It had been 2 full months of halt in my postings. Wow. The longest hiatus I ever took. Even though this is not what I’m best at, I actually do miss writing. Truth to be told, I’ve been busy...

  • L’Oreal Expo Sale, is it worth the hype? https://t.co/uMRS8BtTHT

    L’Oreal Expo Sale, is it worth the hype? - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 02 Jun '17, 7am

    We all know in Singapore, people are always looking out for the next upcoming SALE. Are all these warehouse sale really worth the hype? To be honest I cannot say the same for others but the recent L’Oreal sale had me going like “OMG! Take my paycheck and my kids’ lunch money!” (obviou...

  • Astalift Flagship Store

    Astalift In-focus Serum Review - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 10 Jan '18, 2am

    As a busy mother, because I have to get my daughter to school every morning and head off to work, leaving very little time for myself, an effective sunscreen is very essential to me. I already had developed a couple of sunspots after birth, I really do not want anymore to emerge as I ...

  • Goodbye 2017

    Goodbye 2017 - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 31 Dec '17, 3pm

    It was a rough start of the year, the terrible twos were full on and Ry regression was game strong when Travis came into the picture. There were a lot of ongoing crying, shouting and fighting that turned the entire household upside down. It was chaos after chaos, also we weren’t exact...

    1. Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 missustay.com 01 Jan '18, 10am
  • CNY 2017

    CNY 2017 - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 09 Feb '17, 12am

    On Cny day 3 I had my parents and my closest cousin over while my nanny cooks for the whole family, what a gem she is! Actually my confinement nanny is not obligated to cook for anyone else except me because she’s engaged to only care for me and the baby. Is really nice of her to go t...

  • Clozette Tea Party 2017 - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 06 Apr '17, 2am

    Although I was introduced to Clozette not very long ago, I’m in awe that this community has brought so many beauty lovers together. Despite going under the radar for almost a year (no regrets, I love my newborn to bits), was so glad I’m still remembered dearly by their co-founder Kers...

  • SmartKids Asia 2017 (Event)

    SmartKids Asia 2017 (Event) - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 30 Mar '17, 7am

    Though the key purpose of this trip was to let Ry enjoy the Meet and Greet session with Pororo and friends, our listed agenda is to also check out available enrichment courses we could sign Ry up for. Though there are many enrichment courses that had prep the child to be future achiev...