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Hello Dblchinis. I love cleansing wipes, they are convenient and easy to use on the go. I still remember Biore was the first in the market to launch their very own ...

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  • CLIO NEW! 2015 Makeup Launch

    CLIO NEW! 2015 Makeup Launch - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 28 Jul '15, 6am

    So here’s one of my lucky day out! I get to experience Clio Makeup newest upcoming products and launches. Me and my accidental Sheer Maxi Skirt #OOTD , holding onto Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Cushion. This sheer maxi skirt is lined with a built in skirt which previously ends aro...

  • Cage Bra with ShopOnlineLah - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 03 Jul '15, 5am

    The downside to cage bra is that if you are looking for full support, the best advice is still go for Underwire bras because ultimately the Bra pad provided in cage bra is similar to something you could find in a swimsuit. So if you are not looking for that type of support, this is de...

  • HKCplaza Media invite - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 28 Jun '15, 1pm

    Posted by Dblchin in Aesthetics and Wellness | 0 Comments HKCplaza Media invite * This is a super delayed post, it has been sitting in my drafts since 2 weeks ago, I’m so busy I didn’t managed to insert the pictures! Omg finally… I’ve been friends with Ivan for the longest time, I sti...

  • Styling for Black Paint Commerical (behind the scenes)

    Styling for Black Paint Commercial (behind the scenes) - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 25 May '15, 7am

    Here’s Charmaine, I didn’t exactly made her ‘bad looking’, the key here is just to bring her makeup it over the top. Also I didn’t have a fresh, clean face to begin with, it was already prepped before hand thus explains the rosy glow in my ‘before’ picture. But I managed to jazz up & ...

  • (Post Pregnancy) How I Slimmed Down

    (Post Pregnancy) How I Slimmed Down - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 09 Jun '15, 9am

    This is a no brainer method, just feed niah. Even though not every mother has the ability to successfully latch their baby but there is always alternative option like expressing using hand or a pump out method. But of course top priority to breastfeed is direct latching; the moment Ry...

  • Review on Etude House Colour in Liquid Lips

    Review on Etude House Colour in Liquid Lips - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 26 May '15, 8am

    Thanks to the generous effort of Etude House, I’m adding in new lippies to my already bursting stash of makeup. Being the frog in the well, I was already impressed with number of Colour in Liquid Lips I’ve received in one seating, Then I saw the press kit… What?! A truckload of shades...

  • Shunji Matsuo- Hair Colouring (Blue)

    Shunji Matsuo- Hair Colouring (Blue) | Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 21 Apr '14, 12am

    And so I headed down to Shunji Matsuo touch up my hair last week, I have to say this time round it faded rather fast. Probably because I’m expecting, the team decided not to leave the dye on for too long and thus the colour fast wasn’t strong enough. Normally my Elumen treatment can l...

  • My Aesthetics’ Journey with Nu-Reflections [Laugh Lines and Botox]

    My Aesthetics’ Journey with Nu-Reflections [Laugh Lines and Botox] | Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 16 Apr '14, 1am

    Finally, I’m down to my last blogpost with Nu-Reflections , as much as I enjoyed blogging about it, everything has to come to a closure. In this blogpost, I’ll be covering mostly on laugh lines, probably the most frightening issue I’ve face.I always thought ageing only focus mostly cr...