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Hello Dblchinis. I love cleansing wipes, they are convenient and easy to use on the go. I still remember Biore was the first in the market to launch their very own ...

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  • Last Minute Gift ideas? Check out my review from The Body Shop

    Last Minute Gift ideas? Check out my review from The Body Shop - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 27 Aug '15, 3pm

    Unfortunately is not love at first sight, I don’t really like the dull shade this pencil is made (feels more like a muddy black) and the colour comes out really light when I tried swatching them at the back of my hands. I might be wrong because I usually grow to love something after a...

  • Sweet as Chocolate Competition

    Sweet as Chocolate Competition - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 27 Aug '15, 3pm

    Also the effort that I put in (plus of course it have look awesome too la) definitely measures up being one of the top achievers isn’t it? And No, I’m not a believer in getting over and done with, simply by selected an old picture that fits the theme “sweet as chocolate” and submit it...


    Review on LANCÔME ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 21 Aug '15, 3am

    , I was delighted to review the key products from their ‘ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE ‘ range. “ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE is a skincare product that repairs and activates the skin’s signs of youth. It was certainly a bold move to completely recreate a skincare product acclaimed all over the world. How...

  • Something NEW! for everyone at ETUDE HOUSE

    Something NEW! for everyone at ETUDE HOUSE - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 05 Aug '15, 10am

    I bet everyone is so looking forward to the long weekend ahead! I see everyone carrying that jubilee pack;diapers, carriers, freebies…I want also!!! Before you head for your festive holidays, take a moment to read my blog coz most of the time is worth reading but don’t get hook huh. G...

  • #LondonWeightManagementReview #LondonWeightManagement

    [Review] My experience with London Weight Management - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 01 Aug '15, 11am

    Everyone has weight issues, from teens to aunties (ok lets leave grandmas out) and me. Sometimes I would inspect myself in the mirror before heading for the shower, conveniently grabbing areas where I thought fat would never accumulate for a petite frame like me. Unfortunately like a ...

  • Healthy skin with Esemtan

    Healthy skin with Esemtan - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 07 Aug '15, 2am

    On the contrary as oppose to light and mild, Skin Balm actually carries ample moisturising for dry skin, it also means the consistency of this product is pretty luxurious. Product comes out white from the bottle and it continue to stay white until you rub in (the skin) say close to ab...

  • CLIO NEW! 2015 Makeup Launch

    CLIO NEW! 2015 Makeup Launch - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 28 Jul '15, 6am

    So here’s one of my lucky day out! I get to experience Clio Makeup newest upcoming products and launches. Me and my accidental Sheer Maxi Skirt #OOTD , holding onto Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Cushion. This sheer maxi skirt is lined with a built in skirt which previously ends aro...

  • Styling for Black Paint Commerical (behind the scenes)

    Styling for Black Paint Commercial (behind the scenes) - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 25 May '15, 7am

    Here’s Charmaine, I didn’t exactly made her ‘bad looking’, the key here is just to bring her makeup it over the top. Also I didn’t have a fresh, clean face to begin with, it was already prepped before hand thus explains the rosy glow in my ‘before’ picture. But I managed to jazz up & ...