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Hello Dblchinis. I love cleansing wipes, they are convenient and easy to use on the go. I still remember Biore was the first in the market to launch their very own ...

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  • Travis Full Month Celebration @ Wild Market

    Travis Full Month Celebration @ Wild Market - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 22 Mar '17, 6am

    Also what is a full month party without givebacks? In order to thank our guest, we showed support to our friend from Oven Artistry (Support Local!) by ordering boxes of full month cakes to give out at the party. Though the kueh and eggs are outsourced, these are cakes made with many m...

  • Smart Kids Asia 2017

    Smart Kids Asia 2017 - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 16 Mar '17, 6am

    With all the motherhood entries I’ve been posting recently, I can see that this blog is slowly transiting into parenting blog by the amount of invites and sponsorship catering to Mums and children. I guess being domesticated is a good thing for me! haha. Anyways… SmartKids Asia is bac...

  • CNY 2017

    CNY 2017 - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 09 Feb '17, 12am

    On Cny day 3 I had my parents and my closest cousin over while my nanny cooks for the whole family, what a gem she is! Actually my confinement nanny is not obligated to cook for anyone else except me because she’s engaged to only care for me and the baby. Is really nice of her to go t...

  • My life at current…

    My life at current… - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 27 Feb '17, 7am

    As for my pumping schedule, I’ll try to snag in 6-7 pumps a day if possible in order to keep up with Travis. He is a pretty big eater and to be honest, I’m having quite a hard time racing with this Michelin in the making. When I refer to my past log books of Ry, I realize her demand f...

  • Hello again, sleep deprivation

    Hello again, sleep deprivation - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 02 Feb '17, 8am

    Living on a 3 hourly routine wasn’t easy but because I’ve been there done that, it weren’t the hardest for me either. However, motherhood is hell lot tougher with 2 kids now especially with my toddler. Ryleigh at the age of 2, vying for love and attention has tripled amount since the ...

  • Review: Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Shading & Liquid Highlighter

    Review: Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Shading & Liquid Highlighter - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 23 Feb '17, 1am

    Though the packaging had given pretty clear instructions on where you should apply the contour and highlight, I believe nothing beats having a real face to experiment with these products. As shown in pic, areas where I wished to attain brightness I’ll coat them with the ‘Liquid Highli...

  • Maternity pictures close to the heart

    Maternity pictures close to the heart - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 30 Jan '17, 12am

    This year I took a different approach on my maternity shoot, letting go the perpetually happy expression that is always presented on social media in exchange for something closer to heart. Something raw & (almost) unphotoshopped images. I though what better way to commemorate this pre...

  • Welcoming Travis

    Welcoming Travis - Dblchin.com

    dblchin.com 29 Jan '17, 12am

    I know this is a little abrupt but yes, I just had a baby and his name is Travis. Unlike Ryleigh who was delivered via assisted vaginal delivery, baby Travis came into the world on 19 Jan through elective c-section weighing 3.36kg, healthy and strong. Both times I was wide awake, thou...