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  • [New Blog Post] Hopetoun Tea Rooms in The Block Arcade, Melbourne

    Hopetoun Tea Rooms in The Block Arcade, Melbourne

    daintyflair.net 18 Nov '14, 5am

    is a very popular cafe in Melbourne that is known for its charming Victorian decor and pretty cakes. I think it fits pretty well in The Block Arcade with its theme. The queue was insanely long when we were there. Check out the crowd outside the store. Everyone was mesmerized with thei...

  • Painless Skin Regeneration by Dr Tyng Tan

    daintyflair.net 16 Nov '14, 4am

    The treatment was over in about a minute, fast and furious! It was slightly painful but tolerable with the heat. There was mild swelling and redness on my skin after the treatment. Due to the sensitivity of my skin, it appears redder than most people’s skin. The downtime was really sh...

  • [New Blog Post] Inspirations for Feature Wall

    Inspirations for Feature Wall

    daintyflair.net 02 Nov '14, 5am

    Feature wall makes a room stand out and I love how you can customize them according to your preferences. The feature wall creates a focal point for the entire room. Here are some fantastic inspirations I have found while doing my research!

  • [New Blog Post] The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar

    Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar

    daintyflair.net 11 Oct '14, 4am

    With the new concept, the team has whipped up 15 new cocktails with quirky and cheeky names – Old Fashioned Spice, Timeless English, Agent 006, Foam Party, Wrong Side of the Bed, A Day of Summer, Billion Dollar Margarita, Lovestruck Ginny, Moulin Rouge, Plum Job, Dear Cupid, Tina Funf...

  • Selecting an Interior Designer/Main Contractor/Package Interior Designers

    daintyflair.net 07 Oct '14, 4am

    I guess this is the one of the hardest decision to make – should we engage an Interior Designer/Main Contractor/Package Interior Designers? Do proper research especially on forums (i.e. Renotalk ), there are bound to be reviews for various companies. Ask around, listen and take note o...

  • [New Blog Post] Shop Effortlessly at LAZADA Singapore

    Shop Effortlessly at LAZADA Singapore

    daintyflair.net 30 Sep '14, 4am

    LAZADA Singapore is the latest up-and-coming shopping site that features an extensive list of items that falls under the categories of beauty, gadgets, homeware, computer accessories, toys, sports gears, travel, etc. You name it, they’ve got it. Apart from having an impressive range o...

  • [New Blog Post] Cheeky Chicky

    Cheeky Chicky

    daintyflair.net 19 Sep '14, 4am

    tells it all. A new and casual dining concept restaurant located at North Bridge Road, Cheeky Chicky provides a unique dining and entertainment experience. Their concept is a blend of Japanese/Chinese cuisine and a fusion of Asian tastes carefully prepared to tease your taste buds.

  • [New Blog Post] Terminal 21, Bangkok

    Terminal 21, Bangkok

    daintyflair.net 14 Sep '14, 5am

    Hey yo! I am back with a new travel post. But this time round, it’s the way overdue trip to Bangkok with the hubby and BFF + Skai last year LOL! The photos were rotting in my computer for the longest time ever *facepalm* :P I will be splitting it into different entries!

  • [New Blog Post] My Journey to Clearer Skin with Dr Tyng Tan

    My Journey to Clearer Skin with Dr Tyng Tan

    daintyflair.net 09 Sep '14, 4am

    Oh gosh pardon my double chin! :O I was then ushered to a room to begin the microdermabrasion treatment. Vivian, who did the treatment for me, started with cleansing. She then briefly explained to me that the machine has a suction that unclogs the pores. It also uses a technology to d...

  • Lilac Roses by Niu Nails

    daintyflair.net 08 Sep '14, 4am

    My name is Jacelyn. A Singapore based beauty, food and lifestyle blogger who loves all things Korean, DIYs, quirky stuff and sweet treats. For advertorials, sponsorships, event invites, or any other possible collaborations, please contact me here . Kindly read my blog disclosure for m...

  • [New Blog Post] Tahpre 5-Free Cosmetics Skincare

    Tahpre 5-Free Cosmetics Skincare

    daintyflair.net 02 Sep '14, 4am

    The Victory a.k.a. Skin Lotion (S$34.90) is an all in one toner, moisturizer, whitening and nourishing lotion. If you only have time to use one product, this is it! It contains Hyaluronic Acid that provides adequate moisturising properties and Vitamin B which slows down skin ageing, s...

  • Hong Kong

    daintyflair.net 28 Aug '14, 3pm

    The restaurant is divided into two sections – the dine-in area and takeaway area. The dine-in area can sit up to 100 patrons and the takeaway counter offers an express service for those who wants to bring home their favorite dim sum and noms at the comfort of their own home. Now, I am...

  • [New Blog Post] Brunch at Symmetry Cafe

    Brunch at Symmetry Cafe

    daintyflair.net 25 Aug '14, 4am

    The interior of the cafe looks rustic and artistic, this reminds us of the cafes in Melbourne! The ambient is great but can be extremely cramped. We were seated near the counter and the staff kept getting in and out of the kitchen and bumped into me almost half of the time. Do request...

  • [New Blog Post] The Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

    Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

    daintyflair.net 21 Aug '14, 4am

    We climbed, walked and got caught in the rain just to catch a glimpse of this beautiful scenery. The hours and hours of drive is totally worth it. The lovely breeze and beautiful ocean view was spectacular. Listening to the waves crashing along the coast is extremely calming, soothing...

  • [New Blog Post] Apps & Sites for Home Inspirations

    Apps & Sites for Home Inspirations

    daintyflair.net 18 Aug '14, 5am

    We will be getting the keys to our new flat at the end of the year after a 3-year wait. Decided to pen down inspirations and whatnot for the new home. :) There are endless inspirations and ideas which you may find on the internet. Ever since we decided on our theme Industrial Scandina...

  • [New Blog Post] The Art of Mid-Autumn with Xin Cuisine

    Art of Mid-Autumn with Xin Cuisine

    daintyflair.net 16 Aug '14, 4am

    Apart from the traditional mooncakes with lotus paste and egg yolk, Xin Cuisine has created unique snowskin mooncakes – Champagne Chocolate & Pandan Lotus Paste , Lychee Chocolate & Apple Lotus Paste , Passionfruit Paste , Peranakan Durian , Soursop & Chocolate Crunch , Single Yolk Lo...

  • [New Blog Post] Crème Simon Launch in Singapore

    Crème Simon Launch in Singapore |

    daintyflair.net 11 Aug '14, 5am

    Crème Simon has launched in Singapore with a series of activities in a pretty pink mobile Bèaute Boutique that will travel to various locations. The brand was started in 1860 by Joseph Simon and it is trusted by generations of women for over 150 years. Being the pioneer for climate-cu...

  • [New Blog Post] Suddenly Slender – 1st Session

    Suddenly Slender – 1st Session |

    daintyflair.net 06 Aug '14, 5am

    Suddenly Slender – 1st Session Wednesday, 6 Aug 2014 Jacelyn Sponsored Post I have started to slow down my workout routine after the wedding. *guilty* I am not overweight, but looking pudgy in that pretty new dress is torturing. Losing weight is fairly achievable for me since I can fo...

  • [New Blog Post] Johanna River Farm and Cottages at Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

    Johanna River Farm and Cottages at Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

    daintyflair.net 02 Aug '14, 4am

    We managed to book The Acacia, a one bedroom cottage with a spa tub. We paid AUD450 for 2 nights stay. Checking in was a breeze. Helen shared with us a list of restaurants to check out and recommended a few places of interest for us. Even though they provide free WiFi, we couldn’t acc...

  • [New Blog Post] Biotherm Life Plankton Essence

    Biotherm Life Plankton Essence

    daintyflair.net 30 Jul '14, 4am

    “Miracle in a bottle” is what I would describe the Life Plankton Essence from Biotherm . This awesome essence boasts to deliver 8 skin benefits in 8 days : - More radiant and brighter skin - Less visible fine lines - Evens out skin tone - Smoother skin - Dewy and more hydrated skin - ...

    1. I love my life bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com 31 Jul '14, 3pm
  • Staycation at PARKROYAL on Pickering

    daintyflair.net 26 Jul '14, 5am

    My name is Jacelyn. A Singapore based beauty, food and lifestyle blogger who loves all things Korean, DIYs, quirky stuff and sweet treats. For advertorials, sponsorships, event invites, or any other possible collaborations, please contact me here . Kindly read my blog disclosure for m...

  • [New Blog Post] Kiehl’s 10th Anniversary

    Kiehl’s 10th Anniversary |

    daintyflair.net 23 Jul '14, 4am

    Happy 10th Birthday Kiehl’s! :D To commemorate their 10th year anniversary in Singapore, Kiehl’s is having their first ever pop-up truck – Kiehl’s Ultra Generous Truck at various locations. The 10 most favourite Kiehl’s products chosen by their customers were being showcased in the tr...

  • [New Blog Post] Paddle Pop Knitted Nails by Niu Nails

    Paddle Pop Knitted Nails by Niu Nails

    daintyflair.net 20 Jul '14, 4am

    I really love how intricate the design was. It may look easy to do but it wasn’t. It took Serene hours and hours to conceptualize and create the 3D effect of the knitted nails. The marble effect reminds me of paddle pop ice cream! :D She was really meticulous and patient while creatin...

  • [New Blog Post] Crabtree & Evelyn Himalayan Blue

    Crabtree & Evelyn Himalayan Blue

    daintyflair.net 11 Jul '14, 4am

    Got this lovely storybook as a gift a long long time ago. :p Himalayan Blue by Crabtree & Evelyn is said to have an exotic and mysterious scent that captures the mesmerizing beauty and breathtaking splendor of the Himalayas. “Where the mountains are kissed by a panoramic sky, shimmeri...

  • [New Blog Post] Road Trip along Great Ocean Road

    Road Trip along Great Ocean Road

    daintyflair.net 03 Jul '14, 4am

    Signages along the highway are quite straightforward and similar to the ones in Singapore. The GPS was pretty accurate except for one minor boo-boo. The route given to GOR and back to the city are two different routes. There were lots of intersections, blind spots, curves and bends wh...

  • [New Blog Post] Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range

    Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range

    daintyflair.net 01 Jul '14, 5am

    Ideal skin is unique to individuals. Everyone has different views and perspective when it comes to attaining their ideal skin. Hydration is pre-requisite to any type of good skin, be it dewy, fair or smooth. These days, even staying in air-conditioned rooms is bad for your skin. When ...

  • [New Blog Post] My Thoughts on Airbnb

    My Thoughts on Airbnb

    daintyflair.net 25 Jun '14, 5am

    Hello! We had a short trip to Melbourne recently and it was super awesome! We drove up to Great Ocean Road to check out the scenery and spent another 4 days in Melbourne City. Can’t wait to visit Australia again! :) We were searching for accommodation when I found out about Airbnb fro...

  • [New Blog Post] Nad Skai Wedding

    Nad Skai Wedding

    daintyflair.net 01 Jun '14, 4am

    which is located at the heart of Orchard Road, just behind Knightsbridge Mall. Just look for Abercrombie & Fitch and you will be able to see it. The room was lovely and well-maintained. Beauty Direct had kindly sponsored toiletries for this staycation. I am especially drawn to MVNE He...

  • [New Blog Post] THEFACESHOP Natural Sun Eco

    THEFACESHOP Natural Sun Eco

    daintyflair.net 10 May '14, 4am

    Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream SPF45 PA+++ (SGD34.90) The star product of the suncare line, this sun cream gives a long-lasting UV protection while giving the skin a healthy and natural look. The texture of the sun cream is non-sticky and protects the skin pretty well fr...

  • [New Blog Post] Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream & Intense Hydration

    Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream & Intense Hydration |

    daintyflair.net 19 Apr '14, 5am

    Personally, I would prefer the texture of the Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration . The key ingredient Enriched Hyaluronic Acid provides intense hydration for the skin. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t feel heavy as it does not contain any waxes or butters. The velvety cream is weig...