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  • [New Blog Post] Hopetoun Tea Rooms in The Block Arcade, Melbourne

    Hopetoun Tea Rooms in The Block Arcade, Melbourne

    daintyflair.net 18 Nov '14, 5am

    is a very popular cafe in Melbourne that is known for its charming Victorian decor and pretty cakes. I think it fits pretty well in The Block Arcade with its theme. The queue was insanely long when we were there. Check out the crowd outside the store. Everyone was mesmerized with thei...

  • Painless Skin Regeneration by Dr Tyng Tan

    daintyflair.net 16 Nov '14, 4am

    The treatment was over in about a minute, fast and furious! It was slightly painful but tolerable with the heat. There was mild swelling and redness on my skin after the treatment. Due to the sensitivity of my skin, it appears redder than most people’s skin. The downtime was really sh...

  • [New Blog Post] Inspirations for Feature Wall

    Inspirations for Feature Wall

    daintyflair.net 02 Nov '14, 5am

    Feature wall makes a room stand out and I love how you can customize them according to your preferences. The feature wall creates a focal point for the entire room. Here are some fantastic inspirations I have found while doing my research!

  • [New Blog Post] The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar

    Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar

    daintyflair.net 11 Oct '14, 4am

    With the new concept, the team has whipped up 15 new cocktails with quirky and cheeky names – Old Fashioned Spice, Timeless English, Agent 006, Foam Party, Wrong Side of the Bed, A Day of Summer, Billion Dollar Margarita, Lovestruck Ginny, Moulin Rouge, Plum Job, Dear Cupid, Tina Funf...

  • Selecting an Interior Designer/Main Contractor/Package Interior Designers

    daintyflair.net 07 Oct '14, 4am

    I guess this is the one of the hardest decision to make – should we engage an Interior Designer/Main Contractor/Package Interior Designers? Do proper research especially on forums (i.e. Renotalk ), there are bound to be reviews for various companies. Ask around, listen and take note o...

  • Hong Kong

    daintyflair.net 28 Aug '14, 3pm

    The restaurant is divided into two sections – the dine-in area and takeaway area. The dine-in area can sit up to 100 patrons and the takeaway counter offers an express service for those who wants to bring home their favorite dim sum and noms at the comfort of their own home. Now, I am...

  • [New Blog Post] Shop Effortlessly at LAZADA Singapore

    Shop Effortlessly at LAZADA Singapore

    daintyflair.net 30 Sep '14, 4am

    LAZADA Singapore is the latest up-and-coming shopping site that features an extensive list of items that falls under the categories of beauty, gadgets, homeware, computer accessories, toys, sports gears, travel, etc. You name it, they’ve got it. Apart from having an impressive range o...

  • [New Blog Post] Brunch at Symmetry Cafe

    Brunch at Symmetry Cafe

    daintyflair.net 25 Aug '14, 4am

    The interior of the cafe looks rustic and artistic, this reminds us of the cafes in Melbourne! The ambient is great but can be extremely cramped. We were seated near the counter and the staff kept getting in and out of the kitchen and bumped into me almost half of the time. Do request...