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  • [New Blog Post] Bourjois Aqua Laque Launch

    Bourjois Aqua Laque Launch

    daintyflair.net 04 Aug '15, 4am

    Look at the intensity! The doe foot applicator is tiny and precise, allowing you to gradually build up the color if you love something more intense and bold, though the lasting power is average. I love how hydrating the lipsticks are. As the name suggests, the lipsticks are lightweigh...

  • Nara Thai Cuisine

    daintyflair.net 30 Jul '15, 4am

    The girls and I were invited to try out Nara Thai Cassia High Tea set which was served with Thai canapes, snacks, desserts and a freshly brewed pot of Newby Tea in the 3-tier set. Amongst the dishes were Sweet and Spicy Pomelo Salad Wrapped in Betel Leaf, Shrimp Fritter, Cucumber Beef...

  • Kiehl’s A Celebration of Our Heritage |

    daintyflair.net 15 Jul '15, 4am

    To commemorate 160 years of service to the community and to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday, Kiehl’s has launched A Celebration of Our Heritage to highlight the importance of preserving Singapore’s culture through the preservation of National Monuments, which are historical and ar...

  • What are the Renovation Costs Involved?

    daintyflair.net 23 Jun '15, 5am

    There are many types of flooring depending on the theme and budget. We opted in and got the homogeneous tiles from HDB since we can pay via CPF. So far, we have no major issues with it except for a few scratches. Personally, I feel that tiles are easier to maintain unlike cement or wo...

  • [New Blog Post] Perth Day 1 – Margaret River Day Tour

    Perth Day 1 – Margaret River Day Tour |

    daintyflair.net 08 Jul '15, 5am

    Finally got down to write about my solo trip to Perth hehe! :P The flight to Perth was in the afternoon and the plane landed after 5 hours. The sky was already dark when I reached the airport. To be honest, I was quite shocked at the condition of the airport, compared to Melbourne’s. ...

  • [New Blog Post] Jing Hua at Palais Renaissance

    Jing Hua at Palais Renaissance

    daintyflair.net 04 Jul '15, 5am

    opened its flagship outlet at “Qun Zhong Eating House”. In 2013, it introduced its second venue at Bugis Village to cater to the younger audience. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Jing Hua opens a brand new outlet at Palais Renaissance to continue serving home-style dishes that have...

  • [New Blog Post] KUVO High Tea

    KUVO High Tea

    daintyflair.net 12 May '15, 6am

    The main dining space at KUVO seats up to 88 persons and serves an all-day ala carte menu daily. The highlight of the tasting was the high tea, which is served daily with a choice of coffee or tea. The 3-tier sumptuous spread includes KUVO signatures, complemented with classic high te...

  • [New Blog Post] Top Paddock & 400 Gradi, Melbourne

    Top Paddock & 400 Gradi, Melbourne

    daintyflair.net 27 May '15, 5am

    It was by pure luck when I found out that 400 Gradi serves the best margherita pizza in the world after competing in the World Pizza Championships. They won it by beating 600 entrants from 35 countries! :O I knew we had to try it! There wasn’t any queue when we were there, I guess we ...