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  • Staunton & Henry – the QUEEN and her BLING by Jacelyn Sng

    daintyflair.net 27 Jan '16, 10am

    I have been browsing around and the one thing I hate while home shopping is that we have to walk many many rounds to search for the things that we wanna buy but most of the time, we would go home empty handed. Thank god for online stores like Staunton & Henry , I can browse at the com...

  • Mabokrim Halmeoni Maknae Adeulne, Seoul – the QUEEN and her BLING by Jacelyn Sng

    daintyflair.net 02 Dec '15, 1am

    Tteokbokki is like a staple food in Korea and you must try it if you are ever there! Sindang-dong is well-known for its Tteokbokki Town and the most famous restaurant is Mabongnim Halmeoni Tteokbokki. We accidentally went to the other branch owned by the grandmother’s youngest son app...

  • Watsons Day Out – the QUEEN and her BLING by Jacelyn Sng

    daintyflair.net 29 Nov '15, 1am

    AC on Tour Kit ($24.90) – a contouring kit formulated to provide a natural and healthy glow for any skin tone Primer the Original ($15.90) – a hydrating primer that creates a smooth skin canvas for perfect makeup application that lasts longer Makeup Finishing Spritz ($14.90) – a light...

  • Gourmet Greens Week – the QUEEN and her BLING by Jacelyn Sng

    daintyflair.net 27 Nov '15, 12am

    Do you like your greens? Well, I do and I feel that they can be quite tasty when cooked with the right ingredients and topped with delicious dressings. From 23 – 29 November , 17 restaurants spanning cuisines such as Balinese, French, Italian, Indian and Mediterranean will feature 4-c...

  • Hidden and Miscellaneous Costs in Renovation Quotation

    daintyflair.net 25 Aug '15, 5am

    Have you read my previous post on What are the Renovation Costs Involved ? In this post, I will be sharing with you on uncovering the hidden and other miscellaneous costs in a renovation quote. This is extremely important as it affects your budget for the renovation. Renovation permit...

  • [New Blog Post] Christmas Ideas from HipVan https://t.co/JRJegOBvDV

    Christmas Ideas from HipVan – the QUEEN and her BLING by Jacelyn Sng

    daintyflair.net 24 Nov '15, 2pm

    The founder and Managing Director of Animal Merchandise Ella Sherman had partnered up with HipVan to launch a charitable Christmas-themed collection of products, right in time for the upcoming holiday season. Sherman has designed and produced a unique and colourful collection of colou...

  • Jamie’s Italian Singapore – the QUEEN and her BLING by Jacelyn Sng

    daintyflair.net 22 Nov '15, 4am

    This branch offers a taste of Italy with dishes that reflect traditional Italian home-style cooking, imbued with Jamie Oliver’s modern flair for presentation and unique recipe twists. The restaurant’s pizza oven, signature antipasti and open kitchens take centre-stage, allowing guests...

  • [New Blog Post] Mystery Makan at Bodacious Bar & Bistro

    Mystery Makan at Bodacious Bar & Bistro

    daintyflair.net 20 Sep '15, 4am

    I haven’t been blogging about Mystery Makan for the longest time, since last year I think oops! :D It was my turn to bring the mystery makan girls to Bodacious Bar & Bistro for brunch! It was located in a quiet location at Biopolis Street, a tad too far for the easties lol! :P But thi...