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  • [New Blog Post] Cheeky Chicky

    Cheeky Chicky

    daintyflair.net 19 Sep '14, 4am

    tells it all. A new and casual dining concept restaurant located at North Bridge Road, Cheeky Chicky provides a unique dining and entertainment experience. Their concept is a blend of Japanese/Chinese cuisine and a fusion of Asian tastes carefully prepared to tease your taste buds.

  • [New Blog Post] Terminal 21, Bangkok

    Terminal 21, Bangkok

    daintyflair.net 14 Sep '14, 5am

    Hey yo! I am back with a new travel post. But this time round, it’s the way overdue trip to Bangkok with the hubby and BFF + Skai last year LOL! The photos were rotting in my computer for the longest time ever *facepalm* :P I will be splitting it into different entries!

  • [New Blog Post] My Journey to Clearer Skin with Dr Tyng Tan

    My Journey to Clearer Skin with Dr Tyng Tan

    daintyflair.net 09 Sep '14, 4am

    Oh gosh pardon my double chin! :O I was then ushered to a room to begin the microdermabrasion treatment. Vivian, who did the treatment for me, started with cleansing. She then briefly explained to me that the machine has a suction that unclogs the pores. It also uses a technology to d...

  • Lilac Roses by Niu Nails

    daintyflair.net 08 Sep '14, 4am

    My name is Jacelyn. A Singapore based beauty, food and lifestyle blogger who loves all things Korean, DIYs, quirky stuff and sweet treats. For advertorials, sponsorships, event invites, or any other possible collaborations, please contact me here . Kindly read my blog disclosure for m...

  • Hong Kong

    daintyflair.net 28 Aug '14, 3pm

    The restaurant is divided into two sections – the dine-in area and takeaway area. The dine-in area can sit up to 100 patrons and the takeaway counter offers an express service for those who wants to bring home their favorite dim sum and noms at the comfort of their own home. Now, I am...

  • [New Blog Post] Tahpre 5-Free Cosmetics Skincare

    Tahpre 5-Free Cosmetics Skincare

    daintyflair.net 02 Sep '14, 4am

    The Victory a.k.a. Skin Lotion (S$34.90) is an all in one toner, moisturizer, whitening and nourishing lotion. If you only have time to use one product, this is it! It contains Hyaluronic Acid that provides adequate moisturising properties and Vitamin B which slows down skin ageing, s...

  • [New Blog Post] Brunch at Symmetry Cafe

    Brunch at Symmetry Cafe

    daintyflair.net 25 Aug '14, 4am

    The interior of the cafe looks rustic and artistic, this reminds us of the cafes in Melbourne! The ambient is great but can be extremely cramped. We were seated near the counter and the staff kept getting in and out of the kitchen and bumped into me almost half of the time. Do request...

  • [New Blog Post] The Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

    Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

    daintyflair.net 21 Aug '14, 4am

    We climbed, walked and got caught in the rain just to catch a glimpse of this beautiful scenery. The hours and hours of drive is totally worth it. The lovely breeze and beautiful ocean view was spectacular. Listening to the waves crashing along the coast is extremely calming, soothing...