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22 hours ago ... Courtesy of Your Story Marketing is broken. At least in the traditional sense. Focused on customer acquisition, promotions and sales volumes, ...

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  • Cooler Insights: The Power of Empathy #Brandtelling

    The Power of Empathy

    coolinsights.blogspot.com 10 Aug '14, 4pm

    a) People aren't talking about your products - online or offline? b) Nobody's interested in your marketing messages? c) Customer's aren't beating a path to your door? d) Your employees are making a hasty exit? e) Shareholders are pulling out their funds? f) All of the crap above are h...

  • Cooler Insights: Crowdtivate Unveils 12 Asia-based Projects for Crowdfunding

    Crowdtivate Unveils 12 Asia-based Projects for Crowdfunding

    coolinsights.blogspot.com 22 Jul '14, 4pm

    - an Asian-focused crowdfunding platform launched in April this year - now has 12 Asia-based projects available for support. As a rewards-based platform, Crowdtivate mandates that listed projects should provide different levels of rewards for funders of differing quantums, with a mini...

  • How to write a Smart #SocialMedia Brief #socialmediatips #marketingtips #marketing #business #marketingagency #sales

    How to Write a Social Media Brief

    coolinsights.blogspot.com 22 Jun '14, 2am

    We've all heard by now about the importance of having a digital engagement strategy to complement one's marketing communications plan. In an age where virtually everybody is on either Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, forums, or blogs, it is important for companies to have a usef...

  • "Public Relations in the Social Age"

    Public Relations in the Social Age

    coolinsights.blogspot.com 19 Jul '14, 11am

    Are you a public relations professional? If so, do you see yourself as a... A) purveyor of the corporate spiel, coated with sugar, spice and everything nice? B) hustler for significant editorial coverage on newspapers, television news and magazines? C) guardian of your organisation's ...

  • #StarHub embraces #Crowdfunding with #Crowdtivate

    StarHub embraces Crowdfunding with Crowdtivate

    coolinsights.blogspot.com 17 Apr '14, 5am

    Poster child of the burgeoning crowdsourcing movement, crowdfunding is estimated by Massolution to have raised some US$5.1 billion globally in 2013 . Internationally, US-based players like Kickstarter , Indiegogo , and RocketHub have kicked butt, while the Asian scene has been relativ...

  • Cooler Insights: Content Marketing that Rocks

    Content Marketing that Rocks

    coolinsights.blogspot.com 04 May '14, 2pm

    Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute Content marketing is the new marketing silver bullet. Everybody is talking about it. How do we create great content that sizzles (not fizzles)? More importantly, how do we keep the pipeline full while sustaining customer relationships through...

  • Social media, like fire, is a good servant but a bad master. It is a double-edged sword which c.. #socialmedia

    Memes, Movements and Mobs

    coolinsights.blogspot.com 02 Mar '14, 12pm

    Social media, like fire, is a good servant but a bad master. It is a double-edged sword which can bring out the best and worst in people - often within the same hour. If you can manage it well, it can lead you quickly into the limelight. However, if you fail to understand its forces, ...

  • The 4 Rs, 4 Ps and 3 #Laws of #Marketing by @coolinsights

    The 4 Rs, 4 Ps and 3 Laws of Marketing

    coolinsights.blogspot.com 19 Jan '14, 6pm

    SOMA Water Filter (courtesy of Kickstarter) Want to raise over $100,000 in Kickstarter in just nine days? Well, you can pick up some tips from Mike Del Ponte, founder of SOMA - an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable water filtration system. Speaking on an episode of Social Triggers...


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