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  • (china's revolution, many questions after 100 yrs)

    china's revolution, 100 years or beyond?

    chillycraps.com 16 Oct '11, 7am

    This year marks 100th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution (aka Xinhai Revolution). My closest participation (not in the revolution itself) would be checking out the exhibition at Hong Kong Museum of History back in May. The centennial brings about many relevant discussion. Many coun...

  • (I don't think SBS Transit is doing a great job either)

    we need trained operator

    chillycraps.com 18 Sep '11, 6am

    A while ago when I read from the news that SBS Transit was appointed the operator for Downtown Line which is to be completed in 2017, I couldn't help chuckled to myself. For background information, SBS Transit currently operates the North East Line. My cynicism was based on my observa...

  • (there's always real life engineering problem)

    practical engineering problem - washing machine

    chillycraps.com 03 Oct '11, 1pm

    Fundamentals of Engineering Examination , I bumped into a real-life practical engineering problem at home. When I started up the washing machine, it was taking in water so slowly it looked more like dripping. I vaguely recalled previously the washing machine also did act weirdly , so ...

  • (students will have excuses to use handphone during flag-raising)

    majulah mobile phone

    chillycraps.com 13 Aug '11, 1am

    was caught using her mobile phone during the singing of the National Anthem at the National Day Parade. Her attention being captured by the phone was also captured and broadcast in High Definition, live. If you have seen her so-called "apology", it was quite a cow-crap. First she said...

  • Wah, fast review =p (limitless deserves a 8/10 for being thought-provoking.)

    department of crappy engineering: what exactly is limitless

    chillycraps.com 04 Apr '11, 2pm

    We went to catch the preview of the movie Limitless . Starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, Limitless is a thriller that provoke thoughts in many aspects. Ok, the title itself doesn't leave many clues. The movie starts somewhere in the middle of the story and brings audience bac...

  • the facebook status

    chillycraps.com 12 May '12, 9am

    I don't bitch about my bosses online, but once in a while I do post some reflections or share some interesting snippets from the industry and workplace onto Facebook. Sometimes these include things about bosses or coworkers, inevitably (no names have been mentioned though. And I can't...

  • one thing we lack in total defence

    chillycraps.com 29 Apr '12, 2pm

    Earlier this month, a full time national serviceman from the army died during training. Subsequently on facebook I caught a post about a girl making a comment that Singaporeans are too weak. While I do not know both the deceased serviceman and the girl who made the comment, but I have...

  • (the chinese passengers who don't understand chinese driver)

    department of crappy engineering: chinese driver and chinese passenger

    chillycraps.com 17 Apr '11, 8am

    Yesterday I was on this feeder bus. A Chinese woman in her 60s boarded the bus and asked the driver if the bus goes to "Street 22". The driver, apparently a Chinese National, replied that the bus goes to "er shi er jie ". It seemed to take the woman a fair while to realize "er " = 2, ...


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