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It should be stated at once that there is no established industry in sponge-fishing in Malaya... local sponges were occasionally fished and ...

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  • Carpenter blue

    budak.blogs.com 23 Jun '14, 3pm

    Some surprises just pop up of the blue. Like this caerulean woodcutter that spun hopeless circles at a bus stop between the biology labs and the campus field. The bee was clearly near the end of its tether, so I caught and stuffed it down something handy while fancy dresses frowned an...

  • The Annotated Budak: Set in the sea by @budak

    Set in the sea

    budak.blogs.com 16 Jan '14, 10am

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    1. Seaworts budak.blogs.com 15 Jan '14, 5am
  • The Annotated Budak: Seaworts by @budak


    budak.blogs.com 15 Jan '14, 5am

    The edges of Chek Jawa are too steep, too narrow, too hemmed in by the sea and a wall of trees to provide much of a beachhead for low, ground-hugging vegetation. But the sheared crowns of some of the outcrops that guard this cape provide, in parts that receive dunkings only from the m...

    1. Set in the sea budak.blogs.com 16 Jan '14, 10am
  • The annotated budak: Disclaimed by @budak


    budak.blogs.com 12 Dec '13, 3am

    Cassiopeia may have traded her earthly realm for celestial reaches, but her avatar at sea occupies a narrower fief: inshore flats, lagoons, bays and seagrass beds in a planetary belt of warm waters where the scyphozoans can lounge topside down and graze on sunshine, flexing their conc...

    1. Pulau Hauntu budak.blogs.com 06 Dec '13, 1pm
  • The Annotated Budak: Under rock and rubble by @budak

    Under rock and rubble

    budak.blogs.com 11 Aug '13, 9am

    Black sea cucumbers lurk under almost every other rock at Pulau Tekukor, unbothered and uninhibited by a sea of polyps that cloak much of the northern shore with short columns and striking crowns. The holothurians paid no heed to sun or tide, probing from fading shadows or passing the...

    1. Holesome things budak.blogs.com 13 Aug '13, 2am
  • The Annotated Budak: Love unplugged by @budak

    Love unplugged

    budak.blogs.com 01 Oct '13, 2am

    Described in 1922 from a holotype collected at Bukit Timah, Lipotactes maculatus is a "handsome and extraordinary little insect" with "deep chestnut" eyes and a general shine of "brussels brown". The hindlegs are distinctly marked, with an "elongate-trigonal patch of blackish brown" s...

  • The Annotated Budak: Tendercles by @budak


    budak.blogs.com 24 Sep '13, 1am

    It must feel strange to be an octopus, to amble about by dragging one's body, boneless and lame, across reef flat, shoals of weed and grass, and spongy fields, the latter a silicon bunk of supreme discomfort, and into channels of discovery, slits in terrain incognita and submarine wor...

    1. Missnakes budak.blogs.com 18 Sep '13, 1am
  • The Annotated Budak: Missnakes by @budak


    budak.blogs.com 18 Sep '13, 1am

    Linnaeus offered little explanation as to the inspiration for his missnake, but one of the bodies in his original bag may have arrived from an island that was a major pitstop for traders between Europe and the Far East, and which became a byword for discoveries of a not unpleasant nat...

    1. Tendercles budak.blogs.com 24 Sep '13, 1am


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