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It should be stated at once that there is no established industry in sponge-fishing in Malaya... local sponges were occasionally fished and ...

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  • A beastiary of clams

    budak.blogs.com 26 Jun '15, 4am

    Beekman has suggested that the male animals may have been Tridacna maxima , a species that exhibits relatively weak vertical folds and close-set, scarcely prominent scutes, and which partially embeds itself into coral rubble and other reef substrates. The females were probably the Tri...

  • Carpenter blue

    budak.blogs.com 23 Jun '14, 3pm

    Some surprises just pop up of the blue. Like this caerulean woodcutter that spun hopeless circles at a bus stop between the biology labs and the campus field. The bee was clearly near the end of its tether, so I caught and stuffed it down something handy while fancy dresses frowned an...

  • The Annotated Budak: The last of a line by @budak

    last of a line

    budak.blogs.com 12 Jan '15, 5am

    The far west of Singapore is a land forgotten by history, a long, ragged line of inlets and promontories, rivers and estuaries, mangroves and mudflats, freshwater swamps and fringing reefs that fed and fuelled the residents of coastal settlements who looked away from the city and towa...

  • The Annotated Budak: A beetle at sea by @budak

    A beetle at sea

    budak.blogs.com 06 Jan '15, 7am

    Insects, other than water-striders that surf on the open ocean and lice that suck the blood of seabirds and diving mammals , occupy a marginal position in marine ecosystems, where they are probably outflanked and kept at bay by the crustaceans that have long conquered every aquatic ni...

  • The Annotated Budak: Strait to the city by @budak

    Strait to the city

    budak.blogs.com 28 Dec '14, 11am

    The straits no longer sings, but it now rumbles with low, long groans that temper the senses and reduce every call and crash to a hum of muted resolutions. The 'shrimp' could thus cloak its flight in the whirl of shipyards and passing shafts, but it could have also simply steered towa...

  • The Annotated Budak: Beejewelled by @budak


    budak.blogs.com 06 Dec '14, 10am

    A buzz, too gentle to be ignored but too thick for comfort, drew my attention to a logpile by Venus Loop one day shortly after noon. There were two, to be exact, heaps of branches, twigs and minor trunks on each side of the trail, the probable aftermath of a fall that straddled the wa...

    1. Stormbus budak.blogs.com 06 Dec '14, 10am
    2. Unseenly budak.blogs.com 01 Dec '14, 5am
  • The Annotated Budak: Stormbus by @budak


    budak.blogs.com 06 Dec '14, 10am

    Daily storms raged for much of November, as if the heavens were striving to make up for the drought that had ravaged the island early in the year, turning lawns brown and the woods bare in parts. The squalls that rolled in at daybreak during midyear have run their course, and the wind...

    1. Beejewelled budak.blogs.com 06 Dec '14, 10am
    2. Unseenly budak.blogs.com 01 Dec '14, 5am
  • The Annotated Budak: Unseenly by @budak


    budak.blogs.com 01 Dec '14, 5am

    Just before my attention was diverted by an octopus in the midst of a speculative hunt on a raised flat at Lazarus Island two Sundays ago, an ornate lagoon goby budged just enough to draw my eyes toward a fish the size and shape of a fat finger, with its belly on a bed of sand and sea...

    1. Lesserus Island budak.blogs.com 28 Nov '14, 9am
    2. Stormbus budak.blogs.com 06 Dec '14, 10am
    3. Beejewelled budak.blogs.com 06 Dec '14, 10am
    4. Park toa budak.blogs.com 26 Nov '14, 4am


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