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19 hours ago ... The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore has issued an alert on a scam email titled “Your 2013 Tax Return Report!!!“. The email carries a ...


  • GameStart 2014 Day 1

    GameStart 2014 Day 1 - DKSG 25 Oct '14, 3pm

    Another highlight for GameStart 2014 is the Retro gaming session. For older folks like me, this is a trip down memory lane. You get to see games like TMNT, Dragon Balls Z, Bomberman, Street Fighters 2 and many more. All the 8 bits and 16 bits gaming goodness from Nintendo, Super Famic...

    1. GameStart 2014 - DKSG 20 Oct '14, 1am
  • Plaza Singapura celebrates 40th anniversary with Flavours of the World

    Plaza Singapura celebrates 40th anniversary with Flavours of the World - DKSG 25 Oct '14, 2am

    Flavours of the World will feature an oyster bar, exquisite meat carving stations, an extensive selection of beers, ciders and wines, as well as the exclusive launches of new-to-market food and beverage (F&B) brands and products. Wine connoisseurs can look forward to sampling new and ...

  • ACM After Dark

    ACM After Dark - DKSG 23 Oct '14, 1am

    I know it is Halloween but let’s talk Asian supernatural. Be thrilled by crafts and performances inspired by objects touched by the past at ACM After Dark happening this coming Saturday. Colour and sound take centre stage with a Getai concert outdoors under the stars. And skulls and s...

  • Starbucks Toffeenut Latte is back!!!

    Starbucks Toffeenut Latte is back!!! - DKSG 24 Oct '14, 1am

    You know Christmas is coming when you start seeing the iconic red cups at your local Starbucks. YES PEOPLE! Toffeenut Latte is back!!! Toffeenut Latte, together with Peppermint Mocha and Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha will be available from 23 October 2014 to 5 January 2015. Starbuck...

  • GameStart 2014

    GameStart 2014 - DKSG 20 Oct '14, 1am

    Good news to all gaming fans. Singapore will be having our own gaming convention. And no, we are not talking about those half hearted exhibition with a few local gaming distributors. The organisers for the inaugural GameStart 2014 means business here. We are talking about companies li...

    1. GameStart 2014 Day 1 - DKSG 25 Oct '14, 3pm
  • Workaround to use Apple Pay in Singapore

    Workaround to use Apple Pay in Singapore - DKSG 22 Oct '14, 5am

    Apple haven’t officially launch Apple Pay in Singapore yet. But my friend Vishnu managed to find a workaround to use Apple Pay in Singapore (and most likely rest of the world too). Firstly, you must have a US Credit Card or Debit Card. Apple Pay won’t accept local Credit Cards for now...

  • Android Lollipop - DKSG 19 Oct '14, 1pm

    Google have been naming the Android version based on a dessert item starting from C for Cupcake. So whenever there is a new Android version, everyone will be guessing what’s the name for the new version. And its been announced recently that Android 5.0 will be called Lollipop. Not muc...

  • Race The Dead 2014 - DKSG 10 Oct '14, 1am

    OK, I almost didn’t notice that Race The Dead is back. And today is the last day for registration. So, quick go register first before you read this blog. NO WAIT. Quick read finish this blog entry then go register. (Unless you are reading this at 11:59pm) Race The Dead is back and thi...

    1. The Walking Dead Season 5 - DKSG 12 Oct '14, 6am