Lead Story · dear singapore. Dear Singapore,. I'm sorry but this lesbian of a Singaporean is staying put. Before your ego starts swelling, let me lay it all down for ...

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  • For those who've missed it last evening, here's 10 things you need to know abt running a start-up.

    10 things you need to know about running a start-up

    blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 16 Sep '12, 12pm

    Standard Chartered Bank came to us with a brief once, and I knew immediately from experience that we were incapable of meeting the objectives. It was simply not impossible. The budget was generous and as reluctant as I was, I knew I had to decline the brief. I couldn’t afford to let o...

  • feiyue saddies giveaway!

    blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 31 Mar '12, 5am

    I spoke previously about loving the new soles born from Feiyue’s Summer 2012 collection, the unexpected, pleasant delight of the Saddie. A regular feature now in my #todaysoutfit ensemble , I pair my red colorway with chinos mostly, and my brown satchel bag. It’s the perfect mid-week ...

  • What an awesome idea. “@schutzsmith: MUST HAVE: the whisky advent calendar

    the whisky advent calendar

    blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 30 Nov '12, 8pm

    Behind each of the 24 doors lies a different 3cl sample of whisky and one of the doors contains a sample of 50 year old single malt Scotch, a full bottle of which would run you over $550.

  • how to tell if your agency is bullshitting you about social media

    blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 31 Mar '13, 9am

    Thanks Pat for this great post. I feel the same way! Run when the agency tells you traditionnal advertising is dead and social media is the solution to everything. Social media matters: connecting, collaborating, creating, sharing, etc. are core competences for people as for brands to...

  • dear singapore

    blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 16 Dec '12, 2pm

    It’s not impossible for me to have children on my own (adoption, sperm bank, whatnot), but damn Singapore, you sure know how to make it hard for single mothers. In short, we pay the same rate for education and medical bills as a foreigner but yet if we have sons, they have to serve Na...

  • dear singapore

    blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 27 Jan '14, 6am

    I am not extremely intelligent.I of anyone else should know that.And firstly,I never said you grades are PURE memorization.It's MORE of memorization,not purely.Sure,you definitely have to be logical and smart to do subjects like math.Also,before you say that I dislike the education sy...

  • Survival Guide for an Advertising Suit

    blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 11 May '13, 2pm

    And if your copywriter says “Ask your boss to tell me what she wants, after all, I’m just a bloody typist.”, you say to your boss “The copywriter would appreciate if you can provide him with some copy points so that he understands what you have in mind clearer.”. Get it? It doesn’t hu...

  • do you have any questions?

    blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 11 May '13, 2pm

    with a passion. Especially if he or she is a handsomely paid educated person with Jaeger-LeCoultre for time. My expectation on the quality of questions has increased since the existence of Google. We are extremely fortunate to be living in a world where information is available in a c...


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