• Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare Louis Vuitton Dans La Peau Perfume Review

    Louis Vuitton Dans La Peau Perfume Review

    beautyandcosmetics.net 18 Feb '18, 4am

    I have been obsessed with Louis Vuitton Rose Des Vents perfume and recently, on my last trip to Paris, I picked up their “Dans La Peau” perfume. This fragrance is right up my alley and it is much more stronger than Rose Des Vents. Read on further for more details on this perfume. Pric...

  • Makeup In A Stick: Three Great Handbag Friendly Base Products You Need To Try

    beautyandcosmetics.net 05 Jan '18, 5pm

    Believe it or not, I'm already starting to think about summer beauty regimes and holiday-appropriate makeup. It may still be a little drizzly and definitely not just-a-light-jacket weather yet, but we're creeping closer and closer to that time of year where convenience and practicalit...

  • Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare Handbag Ready Fragrance Options

    Handbag Ready Fragrance Options

    beautyandcosmetics.net 27 Nov '17, 11am

    I like to smell good, I mean don't we all but one thing I don't have time for is lugging around a large, and weighted bottle of fragrance. I would rather my scent of choice faded throughout the day, than have an aching back and arm come mid-afternoon. Well if you are prepared to step ...

  • Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare Spring Handbag Wish List

    Spring Handbag Wish List

    beautyandcosmetics.net 06 Feb '18, 2am

    Interrupting your regularly scheduled beauty posts with another obsession of mine?handbags. I told myself last year I was all ?bagged out? after I splurged on my black leather Gucci Marmont flap. I know I don?t need more bags but that doesn?t mean I don?t enjoy lusting after more purs...

  • Holiday Handbag Essentials – Don’t Travel Without Them! - Beauty

    beautyandcosmetics.net 01 Jan '18, 2pm

    lightweight luxe body and hair oil (d.i.y.) i’m a firm believer that you can d.i.y. beauty products for results that rival high-end quality products. this d.i.y. is a perfect example of that ... 31-12-2017 21:58 7 Beauty Brands That Nailed Inclusivity in 2017 Inclusivity within the ...

  • Video: My Designer Handbag Collection

    beautyandcosmetics.net 02 Nov '17, 6am

    It’s no secret I don’t post as often as I used to on this blog. Sometimes I look back on previous years and think, how in the world did I publish a post FIVE times a week"! Now I consider it an accomplishment if I’m able to publish twice a week. A part of me thinks it’s because I am l...

  • Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare Louis Vuitton Fragrances

    Louis Vuitton Fragrances - blogs de

    beautyandcosmetics.net 23 Aug '17, 11am

    Some say that the launch of 7 fragrances from Louis Vuitton is an attempt to bolster sales with an entry point product; others (i.e. Louis Vuitton) say that fragrance has always been in the brand’s heritage. Which is true enough – back in the 1920’s, there were three Louis Vuitton per...

  • My Handbag Collection - Part 1

    beautyandcosmetics.net 02 Dec '17, 7pm

    My Handbag Collection - Part 1 CHECKY OUT PART TWO! http://www.youtube.com/watch"v=nTJOGheamUE Sorry about the dog barking - Naughty SQUIDGE!!! My ORIGINAL 'What's in my bag': http://www.youtube.com/watch"v=7QyEBe6-ues What's in my Chanel Tote Bag video: http://www.youtube.com/watch"v...