• Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare Have a Peek Inside My Handbag!

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    beautyandcosmetics.net 22 Sep '17, 5pm

    .author-callout { margin-top:2em;border-top: 0.3125em solid #F52465; } .author-callout p { padding:0; } .author-callout-text { margin:0 0 0 30%;padding:1em 0 0 0; } .author-callout-text h3, .author-callout-text h3 a, .author-callout-text br { margin:0; padding:0;line-height:0; } .auth...

  • Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare The New Evening Handbag Essentials

    The New Evening Handbag Essentials - blogs de

    beautyandcosmetics.net 10 Sep '17, 7am

    I'm an over-packer; it doesn't matter where I am going or who I am going with, you can all but bet I will have utterly useless items in my bag that will not be needed in this life time nor the next. I have no intentions of changing my ways but what I am championing is miniature hero p...

  • Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare Louis Vuitton Fragrances

    Louis Vuitton Fragrances - blogs de

    beautyandcosmetics.net 23 Aug '17, 11am

    Some say that the launch of 7 fragrances from Louis Vuitton is an attempt to bolster sales with an entry point product; others (i.e. Louis Vuitton) say that fragrance has always been in the brand’s heritage. Which is true enough – back in the 1920’s, there were three Louis Vuitton per...

  • Handbag Essentials #1: Current On-The-Go Gems I Just Can't Be Without - blogs de

    beautyandcosmetics.net 24 Jul '17, 6pm

    I love a lot of things in this world, but beauty products, gadgets and handbags are right up there. I'm definitely one of those girls that changes their handbag nearly every day (picking one to match my outfit and filling it with the little gems that get me through,) rather than havin...

  • How to Pick Handbag for Different Occasions

    beautyandcosmetics.net 13 May '17, 3pm

    How are you all" I have taken a six months break before joining my PhD course. So I am spending loads of ?me? time. I am meeting up friends, learning new things and of course researching a lot about beauty and fashion. So, here is some fashion knowledge I would like to share with you ...

  • Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare Travalo Atomiser - The Ultimate Handbag Hero

    Travalo Atomiser - The Ultimate Handbag Hero - blogs de

    beautyandcosmetics.net 24 Jun '17, 2pm

    I like to smell good and if I can avoid it I would rather not lug around a hefty, full sized bottle of perfume. Jokes aside I really have no upper body strength and I'm in no rush to develop it either. Annoyingly here in the UK roller ball sized fragrances are few and far between; for...

  • Please #beauty #makeup ##skincare What's in My Handbag" March 2014

    What's in My Handbag" March 2014 - Beauty and Cosmetics

    beautyandcosmetics.net 03 Feb '17, 5pm

    My Ultherapy Treatment At The Karidis Clinic – Before Nearly 4 months ago I had Ultherapy which is touted as a non-invasive, no downtime alternative to a face lift. So often with these things the results ... 03-02-2017 21:43 OCC WINTER TREND 2017 COLLECTION Introducing the Obsessive C...

  • Heathcote & Ivory Handbag Lip Butter - Beauty and Cosmetics

    beautyandcosmetics.net 24 Dec '16, 2pm

    These little lip butters in ‘handbag’ packaging are so sweet and really beautifully presented. This is the newest version in the ‘braids and blooms’ designs but there are a couple… The post Heathcote & Ivory Handbag Lip Butter appeared first on British Beauty Blogger. CommentsI love h...