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My name is Amy Reinink. I'm an award-winning journalist who specializes in storytelling, with areas of focus including profiles; health and fitness; travel and the ...

  • New blog post: A love letter to my hometown in NJ in the wake of #Sandy:

    Hurricane Sandy aftermath: a love letter to Monmouth County | Amy Reinink

    amyreinink.com 02 Nov '12, 2pm

    A few words about where I grew up: You can joke all you want about the Jersey Shore (Snooki and her friends are from New York, people!), but I’m convinced I spent my childhood in one of the most beautiful places on earth. My memories are of bodysurfing in a wild, gray-blue ocean in th...

  • Quote of the day: Unbreakable | Amy Reinink

    amyreinink.com 07 Sep '12, 1pm

    Read more about how Legg survived war in Iraq, one of the most devastating hurricanes in U.S. history, a battle with leukemia, treatments that ravaged his body and left him in a coma, and a double lung transplant on The Virginian-Pilot’s website

  • The scare: Progress six weeks after olecranon surgery

    The scare: Progress six weeks after olecranon surgery

    amyreinink.com 19 Mar '13, 1pm

    by amyreinink | March 19, 2013 · 8:14 am ↓ Jump to Comments The scare: Progress six weeks after olecranon surgery Last Tuesday, at my most recent doctor appointment, I got cleared to ski. Naturally, I headed up to Whitetail at my first opportunity on Thursday night. The late-season sn...

  • The upside: Progress five weeks after olecranon surgery

    amyreinink.com 11 Mar '13, 7pm

    The lifeguard who offered to loan me his goggles after I angrily threw mine on the pool deck upon realizing my arm didn’t work quite yet on my first day back in the pool after elbow surgery; and the fact that this lifeguard has applauded my progress every day in the pool since then, s...

  • Motivation Monday: The self-compassion edition

    amyreinink.com 25 Feb '13, 12pm

    My first swim last week was pretty demoralizing. I discovered that I can’t manage a single pull with my injured left arm yet—not in terms of strength, not in terms of mobility, not in terms of anything. So I tossed (OK, angrily threw) my goggles onto the pool deck and spent the next h...

  • Motivation Monday: The “as I began to love myself” edition | Amy Reinink

    amyreinink.com 21 May '12, 8pm

    Before I even jogged over the starting mat at the Capitol Hill Classic 10K on Sunday, I knew it wasn’t going to be my day to shine, running-wise. My legs felt stiff and sore despite taking the day before the race off. My stomach felt like a brick from the two pieces of Papa John’s piz...

  • A Whitetail New Year’s Eve

    A Whitetail New Year’s Eve |

    amyreinink.com 04 Jan '13, 6pm

    Enough fun that I am seriously sad that I’ll be missing out on even more fun up there over the next few weeks while we’re in Europe. (Though, as my mom pointed out: Not so sad that we’re not going on the trip. Let’s not get crazy here.)

  • Motivation Monday: The ‘happy heart’ edition

    Motivation Monday: The ‘happy heart’ edition | Amy

    amyreinink.com 17 Dec '12, 3pm

    I was among a couple dozen ski patrollers to show up to the first 2012 OEC class last April with the goal of becoming an instructor. I figured it would be impossible to achieve this year, given my constant back-and-forth between D.C. and Virginia Beach, and given the various family em...