1. 20 Jun '16, 2pm

    I do not understand why all rules are against the employers when coming to topic on employing a maid. I have bad experience with myanmar maid AYE AYE MAW. In the past before the need of a maid, i use to hear or read stories on how employers ill treat the maids. But after my own experience, I understand the reason as if you are unlucky, you will understand that it is not easy to have a good maids in Singapore. This maid that I employed, she is so smart she brought friends to my condo and open my drawer without permission. If I have choice, I will not want to risk to employ such maid again. She is so smart that whenever we are around, she will act so nicely, however when she is alone with my sick mum, the nurses, doctors and even my neighbors told me that she just keep on calling with her handphone, and do not bother about my mum. She even bring her so call boyfriend to my codo. WHY we are not protected. I want to share the maid info so to help those who in need of maid to reduce risk.

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