20 May '17, 12am

The Affogato Bar – 1st Affogato Specialised Café In Singapore, At Bukit Timah https://t.co/1OAQCCbirr

The 4 coffee blends used for the Affogato include Prima Tazza (Columbia base) with hints of hazelnut and blackcurrant, La Tazza (Brazil & New Guinea) with a bold dark cocoa taste, Grande Tazza (Costa Rican) with a honey and Belgian chocolate taste and Mocharoma (Nicaraguan) with a floral and fruity flavour.

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/05/20/affogatobar/


Boyle’s Coffee – Artisanal Cafe At Bukit Timah Plaza With Excellent Coffee https://t.co/LNRDOtPYj1

Boyle’s Coffee – Artisanal Cafe At Bukit Timah ...

ladyironchef.com 19 May '17, 1am

Bukit Timah Plaza is an old shopping mall with many hidden gems and our latest discovery is Boyle’s Coffee which is situat...