28 Feb '17, 4pm

Tuan Anh Phan #tiki #vietnam #ecommerce #criteo

“Criteo’s technology fits into our vision of offering original products, insightful customer service that leads to excellent shopping experiences, and unparalleled delivery and fulfilment. As we grow our business and the size of our product inventory, ads that are automatically served across platforms with precision free up our staff to focus on other operational tasks. More importantly, Criteo’s ability to deliver highly personalised advertising content helps consumers discover products that truly meet their needs. This has increased positive customer interactions and enhanced our status as a trustworthy eCommerce provider. Criteo has become an important partner for Tiki and we are very satisfied with the results so far,” said Phan Tuan Anh, Head of Marketing, Tiki.

Full article: http://theneodimension.com/criteo-tiki-customer-engagement/