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Scoot Now Flies to Dalian via Qingdao Thrice Weekly

Scoot Now Flies to Dalian via Qingdao Thrice Weekly

Fly on Scoot’s all Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet Scoot’s inaugural flight between Singapore and Dalian, China via Qingdao, landed yesterday marking the beginning of twice weekly flights between the two cities. This flight replaces the Singapore – Qingdao – Shenyang services. Scoot also operates thrice weekly non stop services between Singapore and Shenyang. SUPERADRIANME’s Dennis in ScootBiz during the Inaugural flight from Singapore to Sapporo Just earlier this month, Scoot introduced flights to Sapporo and Jaipur. Our writer Dennis was on board the inaugural flight to Sapporo via Taipei. And friends have been excited when they heard that Scoot now flies to Sapporo. They just can’t wait to fly there to ski at Niseko. Back to Dalian. Dalian is a major coastal city and seaport in Liaoning Province. We hear that Dalian is one of China’s top romantic cities and is ideal for hon...

Full article: https://www.superadrianme.com/travel/scoot-dalian-qingdao/


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