31 Oct '12, 9am

My brother @shahzeeq featured on Tongue In Chic

My brother @shahzeeq featured on Tongue In Chic

Part for pleasure, but mostly to feature for the benefit of our readers, we’re always on the look out for sartorial locals who march to their own (impeccably stylish) drum. When we chanced upon Shahzeeq from Nuffnang , we just had to get a hold of him. Here’s a man who goes the extra mile in altering ready-to-wear for tailored fits, buys shoes and shines them for a hobby. When we made contact, he told us about his acquired taste for retail brands and why he hates cardio bunnies.

Full article: http://www.tonguechic.com/women/shahzeeq-shahren-talent-e...


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