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Hantu Heritage and Pontianak Pop

Hantu Heritage and Pontianak Pop

This song comes from the Malay movie, Pusaka Pontianak (1965) directed by Ramon A. Estella and starred Ahmad Mahmud, Saadiah, Aziz Sattar, Ibrahim Pendek, Ahmad Nesfu and Salleh Kamil. These actors and the series of Pontianak movies attracted crowds to the cinemas in the 60s. … Together with Ahmad Daud who sang the lyrics, Malay comedians Ibrahim Pendek (Shorty), Aziz Sattar and Ahmad Nesfu combined talent and lip-synced their way through Dendang Pontianak (Rhythm of the Pontianak) from the EP with similar title. It has a twist and shake beat with do-wop backing composed by Singaporean composer/musician Kassim Masdor. Apparently this particular Pontianak film did not do well at the box office but I found the lyrics funny indeed. The song is a humorous dedication to the Pontianak and composed in its honour. So Horror + Humour = Halloween.

Full article: http://yesterday.sg/people/hantu-heritage-and-pontianak-pop/


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