24 May '11, 6am

"Someone did get raptured after all" and related posts #Game

"Someone did get raptured after all" and related posts #Game

Someone did get raptured after all Seen in friend's office. Hey Harold Camping! You were right! We all got left behind on 21st May and only Mickey Mouse got raptured on 21st May! I guess we have to wait for the NEXT upload, on 21st October 2011 , which, according to Harold Camping, is the really, really, really, never-bluff-you, confirm and double-confirm, for-real Rapture date. Personally, I think God may have postponed Rapture just to see Manchester United lift their 19th title. But that's just my theory. View the entire comment thread.

Full article: http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/2011/05/someone-did-get-raptu...


Rain wants to get married

Rain wants to get married

channelnewsasia.com 23 May '11, 7am

SINGAPORE: "I want to get married ... fast," said popular Korean star Rain, who stormed into Singapore over the weekend fo...

Move to a Maker’s Schedule and Get More Done!

designsojourn.com 23 May '11, 4pm

There are two types of schedule, which I’ll call the manager’s schedule and the maker’s schedule. The manager’s schedule i...

Try out and get new games at Licence2Play

Try out and get new games at Licence2Play

asiaone.com 25 May '11, 6am

IF YOU'VE been eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated and gritty superhero game Infamous 2, the wait is almost over. Visi...

DTN Singapore: Superjumbo aircraft set to get b...

sg.news.yahoo.com 25 May '11, 12pm

Korean Air took delivery of its first Airbus A380 'superjumbo' this week, joining an exclusive club that includes Air Fran...