29 Sep '12, 7pm

Review | Maquillage True Eye Shadow Palette in VI762


New post!! "True Blue" wearing @truereligion, @DSWShoeLovers

New post!! "True Blue" wearing @truereligion, @...

theseams.blogspot.com 28 Sep '12, 11pm

For the past week, I've been incorporating summer pieces into my Fall wardrobe. Today I wore a jersey dress paired with a ...

I'm talking about this make-up set so pretty

dblchin.com 29 Sep '12, 3am

I'm honored to be reviewing Lily Cole's Cruelty-Free Makeup by Bodyshop. I know is not easy to produce makeup without test...

The True Cost Of Electricity Calculated

The True Cost Of Electricity Calculated

cleantechnica.com 30 Sep '12, 9pm

Calculating the cost of nuclear energy is more difficult. A newly constructed nuclear power plant raises the average cost ...

10 Major Makeup Mistakes! Are you guilty of these?

bubzbeauty.com 01 Oct '12, 6am

A good foundation can do all sorts of promising things for the skin's appearance but too much of it will add years to your...