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Divorce is a difficult and challenging process

Divorce is a difficult and challenging process. There are various aspects that you will need to face and be prepared for to get through this difficult period of your life.   

Divorce will require you to make some of the biggest decisions in your life. You need clarity to be able to see what is truly important in order to make the right decisions not just for you, but your loved ones also. 

Try staying calm throughout this period and not let your emotions overwhelm you. 

Divorce has a tendency to create a breakdown of trust and communication between divorcing spouses. However, it would be advisable to work towards building a “friendly” working relationship with the other spouse for the sake of continuity in a meaningful relationship with the children of the marriage. 

Children of divorced parents will thrive if parents consciously focus on helping them feel secure and loved. 

Keeping your emotions in control might also allow you to be able to communicate with your spouse with clarity. If it is possible to do so, it is good to have a discussion of your intention to divorce and matters regarding custody of children and asset division. Your divorce lawyer will advise you on alternative routes to the arduous courtroom battle. 

It would be ideal for the both of you to be able to come to a consensus, as you would be spared the turmoil of a contested divorce.   

It helps to have as much information as possible about the divorce process in Singapore. ( Being knowledgeable about the road ahead is a useful aid in developing the self-belief and courage to face it. You should consult an experienced divorce lawyer who is able to give you insights and solutions that you would not have discovered on your own. This takes a lot of stress and guesswork out of the divorce process. 

Keep in mind that information is power.

An uncontested divorce is relatively inexpensive. You can consider sharing the same lawyer with your spouse as this is much less expensive than parties hiring their own set of Singapore family lawyers. In contrast, a contested divorce would cost more, depending on the complexity of the issues and at what stage they are resolved. Mediation and Collaborative divorce will greatly reduce the costs of your divorce proceedings. 

Try to establish, as early as possible, how you intended divorce will proceed.

Putting together the right team

Find a lawyer who specializes in divorce proceedings with a large pool of dedicated matrimonial lawyers and support staff. The last thing you need is a “jack of all trades” or a sole operator with limited resources. If you and your spouse want to settle matters amicably, your divorce lawyer should also come from a law firm trained and proficient in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce as added options. 

If your lawyer is not trained in alternative dispute resolution, your divorce has a higher chance of being contested before the court.

It takes courage and strength to endure the entire divorce process. The going may get tough, but there is help available. With the right legal and personal approach, this process can be made easier both on you and your loved ones.


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