18 Sep '12, 5pm

Creating Notes 8.5.3++ plug-ins with Eclipse 4.2 by @notessensei #ibmlotusnd

One skill that entitles you to the secret handshake is ability to develop plug-ins for the Lotus Notes clients. Sadly that is one of the technologies that held great promises (client side mashups anyone), that was clobbered by being to complicated, buggy and the rise of the "mobile first" mantra. Still the Plug-in Jedi are with us and there are a number of wildly successful , useful and feature rich plug-ins that were contributed from outside IBM. Of course special mention goes to The Master's work . One big stumbling block for development is the Expeditor Toolkit which is stuck on Eclipse 3.4.2 (while the current version of Eclipse is 4.2). Using the toolkit it is just a few clicks to create a runtime/debug configuration to test your plug-ins, without you are in for parameter guessing. When searching for information you will find Mikkel's instructions for 3.5/8.5.2 and th...

Full article: http://www.wissel.net/blog/d6plinks/SHWL-8Y9CBF?Open


Ruby on Rails 4.0 Release Notes

edgeguides.rubyonrails.org 17 Sep '12, 4am

Improve the derivation of HABTM join table name to take account of nesting. It now takes the table names of the two models...