30 Aug '12, 9am

socialkit: the resume of your social life | blankanvas by @PatLaw

socialkit: the resume of your social life | blankanvas by @PatLaw

SOCIALKIT is a social experiment created to help people understand their social influence online, and generate a summary of sorts in a pretty manner for sharing. Leveraging on a user’s Facebook habits, SOCIALKIT generates a resume based on his or her social behavior.

Full article: http://blankanvas.bypatlaw.com/lead-story/socialkit-the-r...


Boston-The Hack: Life lessons

boston-thehack.blogspot.com 31 Aug '12, 2pm

Like the swallows of Capistrano they have returned, lugging their overstuffed suitcases and footlockers, blocking streets ...

@eastpak x @woodwood backpack on @blankanvas

@eastpak x @woodwood backpack on @blankanvas

blankanvas.bypatlaw.com 31 Aug '12, 2pm

Tim Mwaura on socialkit: the resume of your social life Eric-Tote Bags on the singapore & co. carryall tote bag Anonymous ...

What Do You Want In Your Life?

thefinance.sg 05 Sep '12, 6pm

When I started this site close to two years ago, I had no idea where this would lead to. What began as a curiosity and int...

これは面白い!! タイの証券取引所が社会的企業の資金調達枠を設けるかもという話。#BOPlab Social Enterprises in Thailand Receive SEC Support | Social Enterprise

これは面白い!! タイの証券取引所が社会的企業の資金調達枠を設けるかもという話。#BOPlab...

justmeans.com 26 Aug '12, 5pm

Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking at ways to help leading social enterprises in the country r...