09 May '11, 9am

12.05: 「就是萬人迷」vs 「午餐棒棒棒」

12.05: 「就是萬人迷」vs 「午餐棒棒棒」

12.05: 「就是萬人迷」vs 「午餐棒棒棒」 9 May 2011 Monday | 17:07 | WRM 933就是萬人迷 We went, we conquered. We had so much fun last year and we’re doing the challenge again this year. Date: 12.05.2011 Thursday Time: 5-6pm Venue: Carpark, Kallang Leisure Park Support your favourite duo by bringing empty drink cans. The team with the most number of cans wins! It’s that easy. The cans are for recycling. There is no limit to the number of cans each person can bring. And everyone who turns up will receive a small gift from the station. (While stocks last) Please support Jiahui and I. If we win, we’ll hand over our shift at 8am the next day and go for breakfast (and maybe do a victory parade). If we lose, we’ll do the entire morning shift, as well as the 12-2pm slot. And I certainly won’t be shouting IT’S FRIDAY if we lose. Muahahahahhaa. See you this Thursday. WOOHOO! « My GE Night

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Okay, tie breaker AGAIN! I'm going to repeat my "problem"... with black border or without? vs

Okay, tie breaker AGAIN! I'm going to repeat my...

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Once upon a time, there lived a Princess in a little modern island. This Princess, not rich nor pretty, strangely gets inv...