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Tay Fund Portfolio NAV Update July 2012

Tay Fund Portfolio NAV Update July 2012

Initial Net Asset Value: $10.00 Net Asset Value as of 5 July 2012: $10.08 Hypothetical Growth of $10,000 invested since September 2011 (NAV at September 2011 was $9.71) * A total return index is an index that measures the performance of a group of components by assuming that all cash distributions (dividends) are reinvested, in addition to tracking the components’ price movements ** Unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost the data for the 3rd Week on June. The month of June reflect the closing prices on the 5th July 2012. Portfolio Net Asset Value will be updated monthly at the end of the third week of each month. Read the full article → If you enjoyed this article, get email updates (it's free). Related posts:Tay Fund Portfolio NAV Update June 2012 Tay Fund Portfolio NAV Update May 2012 Tay Fund Portfolio NAV Update February 2012

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10 coordinates from July!

10 coordinates from July!

cheeserland.com 02 Aug '12, 1pm

omg thank you! So after i have made payment, i realized in horror that there’s absolutely nothing appropriate i could wear...

July 2012 Dashboard

July 2012 Dashboard

hybridcars.com 03 Aug '12, 9pm

This month's Prius hybrid numbers are confirmed in total, however Toyota does not break out individual models, and we were...

Portfolio: July 2012

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July has been a month of positive surprises. The market value of my portfolio increased mainly due to increases in stock p...

July 2012 Global Dividend Growth Portfolio Update

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My views on Far East Hospitality Trust Of Medishield Changes and Public Consultation Seminar on “How Young Working Adults ...

Google PageRank Update: August 2012

seroundtable.com 02 Aug '12, 12pm

I think what's even more shocking is the sites that are buying links on your right column don't seem to have taken any hit...

A New Record Portfolio Value!!!

A New Record Portfolio Value!!!

thefinance.sg 04 Aug '12, 12am

A New Record Portfolio Value!!! by Createwealth8888 on August 4, 2012 Read? Is 2012 Bear 2.0 coming??? (2) No Bear 2.0 but...

Fund Bitcoin startups here! #FZB #spon

feedzebirds.com 01 Aug '12, 1pm

FeedZeBirds pays you automatically for retweeting sponsored messages. Payouts occur using Bitcoin, which is a new digital ...

Stock Portfolio Update (July 2012)

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It has been a long time since I did an update of my stock holdings and I thought it was timely to do so after I just bough...

July ‘ 12

isabellakuan.com 07 Aug '12, 1pm

I think i ought to update more before i get really busy and start to procrastinate my updates again!Finals is in a month t...

Search Week: July 30, 2012 #seo

searchengineland.com 06 Aug '12, 12am

We welcome constructive comments and allow any that meet our common sense criteria. This means being respectful and polite...

"July 12" – Transactions Update

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July has been a rather busy period for my portfolio as it undergoes a restructuring process as I decide to sell my low div...

Fund Bitcoin startups here! #FZB #spon

Fund Bitcoin startups here! #FZB #spon

thefundersclub.com 01 Aug '12, 1pm

Bitcoin is a platform that allows people to make payments over the web instantly, with no transaction fees. However, it is...

August Mozscape Update

seomoz.org 01 Aug '12, 11pm

And, in more potentially good news (though it's hard to count chickens before they hatch given AWS' unreliability), we hav...

Top 5 Domain Name Wire posts of July 2012

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Marchex sells record $3.3 million in domains on Q2 UDRP panel orders VS4.com transferred Meet the woman who bought a domai...