28 Jul '15, 10pm

wiggle your toes

He’s going to be in a wheel chair forever. We’re gonna have to move to a ranch model without steps to enter the home. A master bedroom on the first floor. The kids are going to have to start at a new school, with their father so unrecognizable, so missing. He won’t drive or walk or be able to say, “ball.” He can’t question their teachers or talk at parent/teacher conferences. I’ll have to spoon feed him. I’ll take out the garbage, lift the heavy stuff, be a single mother, basically teaching and wiping another child. Not a child, a frustrated man, who wants no one to treat him like a child. I’m going to have to take care of all our finances. Does he even have disability insurance? Even if they finish this surgery and call it a success, how successful can it actually be? I mean, he couldn’t speak or move at all. Facial droop. Even the good news was going to be bad news. I sm...

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