26 Jul '12, 1am

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Zoe Tay shares secret to her great skin Sent to me by reader Nicholas, this Zoe Tay ad in a storefront was spotted at Adrants.com . It is for Singapore-based skin care pill Imedeen, and the copy for Zoe says: "My secret to beautiful skin? I swallow." Ok. Too. Much. Information. View the entire comment thread.

Full article: http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/2006/08/zoe_tay_shares_.html


The Miracle Skin Perfector

The Miracle Skin Perfector

xiaxue.blogspot.com 01 Aug '12, 5pm

Who would like to sleep in more everyday before going to work/school? I know I would! Unfortunately, before we get out of ...

Leaders InSolution Singapore Pore Clinic Care 2Step Kit, Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch and Aquaringer Skin Clinic...

Leaders InSolution Singapore Pore Clinic Care 2...

sweetestsins.blogspot.com 25 Jul '12, 2pm

Although the nose strip didn't smell the best, I thought that the pore tightening serum was rather good in the sense that ...

summer skin

summer skin

fashiontoast.com 31 Jul '12, 9pm

My beauty look lately has been all about air dried hair with that barely hanging on ombré, a slick of Lucas’ Papaw Ointmen...