Global survey ranks SA as the 77th Happiest Country in the World, just ahead of Libya & Uzbekistan.

Commentary: A weak and unconvincing defense of the FT policy by PM Lee In his speech at the opening of a manufacturing plant today , the Prime Minister took the opportunity to defend his government's FT policy s... Video : Francis Seow - The Interview Youtube, 1 Apr 2011 Link Video: Nicole Seah generates buzz with the media Youtube , 21 Apr 2011 24-yr-old Nicole Seah charms the media with her confidence and maturity. She will be contesting in Marine Parade GRC ... Video: Nicole Seah interviewed by foreign journalist at Aljunied Market Youtube, 23 Apr 2011 Hear what she has to say about young Singaporeans and politics. Commentary: No place for gutter politics in Singapore Last week, SM Goh urged for a "clean fight" in this general election: SINGAPORE: Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong who is the anchor Minister fo...

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Singapore Takeout

Singapore Takeout 29 Apr '11, 9am

Yesterday afternoon, I had the great pleasure of attending the local (Singapore) launch of the Singapore International Cul...

Android tablets don't impress, gap widens: Survey

Android tablets don't impress, gap widens: Survey 26 Apr '11, 10am

An employee demonstrates a Blackberry Playbook tablet in Chicago. Google's Android platform has lost some allure for softw...