19 Jul '12, 3pm

[email protected] VIII : Florence | :: WOOHOO

Cruz@Europe VIII : Florence | :: WOOHOO

We got lost in the tiny streets of Florence the night before. The locals we approached responded with friendly smiles but none could point us in the correct direction. We walked for 45 minutes before we heaved a collective sigh of relief. After a well rested evening, the brunch in this random cafe kickstarted the day. I had hit the two-week mark in Europe by then, so the sleeping in was greatly appreciated. We signed up for a walking city tour but got bored after thirty minutes, which resulted in me dragging my friend in the opposite direction once I saw that familiar sign.

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Cruz@Europe IX : Pisa | :: WOOHOO

[email protected] IX : Pisa | :: WOOHOO

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A number of lists have appeared throughout history, each trying to name the “Seven Wonders of the World “. Since “Seven Wo...

Cruz@Europe X : Cinque Terre & Milan | :: WOOHOO

[email protected] X : Cinque Terre & Milan | :: WOOHOO

cruzteng.com 22 Jul '12, 10am

The next day, we reached Milan — the fashion capital and economic powerhouse of Italy. I was expecting something like Pari...

Cruz@Europe VII : Sorrento. Capri. And the amazing Blue Grotto. | :: WOOHOO

[email protected] VII : Sorrento. Capri. And the amaz...

cruzteng.com 14 Jul '12, 6pm

The harrowing hotel experience in Rome was rapidly deleted when I entered Hotel Tirrenia in Sorrento. The original hotel w...

if you ever have a chance to go italy, please make sure that venice is in part of your trip. <3

if you ever have a chance to go italy, please m...

cruzteng.com 31 Jul '12, 9am

Venice is a gigantic maze full of bridges, waterways and little alleys, which makes it one of the easiest places in the wo...