23 Apr '11, 3pm

881 - The Musical Gala Premiere: #881musical

881 - The Musical Gala Premiere: #881musical

In the Chinese Seventh Lunar month, we commune with visiting ancestors in song and dance. Big Papaya and Little Papaya are dreaming to rule the Getai (Street Variety Show). As the Papaya sisters appeal to the illustrious Goddess of Getai for this elusive gift, blessings are made, sacrifices accepted, and temptations abound. The Papaya sisters receive “feel”, and learn to feel: gratitude and forbidden love; most preciously, a devotion to a sisterhood of halves. Their coming success on Getai is threatened by the entrance of the Angmoh Durian Sisters, a challenge is committed to find out who is the winning pair of songbirds in this scaffolding cage of ironies.

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881: The Musical

881: The Musical

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