13 Jul '12, 12am

Latest: 65bits #262: Leaky Passwords.

65bits #262: Leaky Passwords. [ 6:31 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download It’s a leaky week with Formspring and Yahoo leaking passwords. Google to Roll out Android4.1 to Galaxy Nexus devices and Nexus S and Motorola Xoom in the future. Old macs will not get Mountain Lion. And interesting innovation at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup. Background Music for 65Bits is courtesy of spinningmerkaba . Formspring disables user passwords in security breach Yahoo Breach Extends Beyond Yahoo to Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Users Google Rolls Out Android 4.1 OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Apple’s upgrade page confirms older Macs can’t run Mountain Lion Ukrainian students win Imagine Cup with real-time sign language-to-speech translation

Full article: http://www.tech65.org/2012/07/13/65bits-262-leaky-passwords/


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