26 May '15, 4am

MFT's May Ingenious Inking-Watercolor

This month's Ingenious Inking is all about playing with watercolor. I was up for the challenge-I just used a ink pad and some water for my card today. I dabbed my hybrid coral crush inkpad over my extra large acrylic stamping block and then spritzed it with water. I laid my cardstock over it to pick up the color-voila! It's kind of cool how it also left a bit of the grid lines from the block.

Full article: http://abiteast.typepad.com/abiteast/2015/05/mfts-may-ing...


Create Magazine MFT's Feature

Create Magazine MFT's Feature

abiteast.typepad.com 20 May '15, 10am

with a few of the MFT's team members, including myself! Head over to the