23 Jun '12, 4am

Know Your Enemies Online – Who are the bad guys in your virtual neighbourhood? #Technology

Focus on technology, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Dementia and supporting several other social causes. Write mostly about the independent Arts scene in Singapore as well as the general works as organized by the various government bodies. Has a fascination with photography and indulge in a little mix of video editing. Very keen on living the social media experience without going over the top.

Full article: http://mhisham.org/2012/06/23/know-your-enemies-online-wh...


What guys want girls to know:

lesterchan.net 21 Jun '12, 2am

We always hear “the rules” from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. Please note: # 1. Learn to wor...

Bad To the Bone

Bad To the Bone

golfdigest.com 25 Jun '12, 3pm

Lloyd Mangrum invaded Normandy on D-Day, took shrapnel in the chin at the Battle of the Bulge, received two Purple Hearts,...

Chicks In Kicks – Bad Girls Next Door! #Featured

Chicks In Kicks – Bad Girls Next Door! #Featured

kicksonfire.com 21 Jun '12, 8pm

This may be our BEST yet! This week’s Chicks In Kicks highlights all the amazing bad girls next door! Thanks for all the l...