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(the chinese passengers who don't understand chinese driver)

(the chinese passengers who don't understand chinese driver)

Yesterday I was on this feeder bus. A Chinese woman in her 60s boarded the bus and asked the driver if the bus goes to "Street 22". The driver, apparently a Chinese National, replied that the bus goes to "er shi er jie ". It seemed to take the woman a fair while to realize "er " = 2, "er shi er " = 22, "jie " = street, and "er shi er jie " = Street 22. Later on through the woman's conversation with her friends on the bus, I guess she is those "ang mo pai " (English-educated). You may say that being in the service industry, the driver should've known how to speak English. But similarly the argument is true that a Chinese should know how to speak (and understand) Chinese. Who knows, the driver actually speaks Queen's English when talking to non-Chinese passengers.

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