09 Jun '12, 7am

Diffusion of Innovation

Diffusion of Innovation

The realization of the Diffusion of Innovations theory might seem simple at first, but various other earlier works were critical in helping communication researchers arrive at it. The Two-Step Flow of Communication was a hypothesis that was under considerable examination. Elihu Katz (1957) hypothesized that ???ideas flow from radio and print to opinion leaders and from these to the less active sections of the population???. Through a series of studies which were increasingly more refined over time, researchers found that the two-step flow model only accounted for one aspect of interpersonal relations, as a channel of communication. Interpersonal relations influences decision-making in more ways including as channels of information (two-step flow emphasized on this only), as sources of social pressure, as well as sources of social support. The Two-Step Flow of Communication...

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