06 Jun '12, 12pm


I met up with the very amazing Richard Pier Petit while I was in L.A., two weeks before I came back to Singapore early last month. I don't have a lot of photographer friends since I'd always been on my own, so it was really nice meeting someone who's so talented and laid back, and just talk about shooting. At some point we talked about why I rarely photographed men, Richard then mentioned some boys from Ford LA with looks I would probably love. I was a bit skeptical because I rarely see the kind with beauty I look for, so when I received Daniel Landroche's photos they surprised me. With some luck and many thanks to Ford's Chandra, I managed to squeeze in a shoot with Daniel just the day before my flight. I'm really glad we shot together, it was beautiful. Photography & Styling: Zhang Jingna Model: Daniel Landroche/Ford LA Photo assistants: Conan Thai, Matthew Chretien Long...

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