29 Mar '15, 1am

Giraffe’s Approach.

It’s always good to be honest. Honesty is the best policy. Hope it works on blog as well. I got a confession to make. I got digressed, the below was supposed to be an concise write-up on my value investing methodology and also my investment goal for 2015. Somehow the juices flowed to the wrong side of the compartment. Hence, I followed the advice of a blogger whom I highly respected – remove the first paragraph and last paragraph . And below is what you get. Why Invest? Giraffe loves spending money like everyone else even though I do not possess the obsession of owning luxury watch nor car, at least not yet. Giraffe does not think that investing is about sacrificing present spending for future retirement. But it is delaying present spending for potentially more spending of material items that lead to better live in future. At present, Giraffe wants to obtain wealth. Its fi...

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Giraffe’s Budgets

thefinance.sg 04 Apr '15, 12pm

Replace bus transportation to 20mins walk[Hm to bus interchange]. Potential saving = $15.40($0.77*20). Also contemplating ...


searchengineland.com 07 Apr '15, 1pm

The “real marketing” that Ryan was referencing really hit the forefront when Google took a stronger stance on fighting web...