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Market Overview – 04/06/12

Genting Singapore Issues 5.125% Perpetual Bonds to Retail Investors: Should you go for it? Genting Perpetual Bonds Now Available to Retail Investors Genting Bonds for Retail Investors Genting Singapore PLC issues S$500mn PERPETUAL SUBORDINATED CAPITAL SECURITIES with a coupon of 5.125% rising to 6.125% after ten years if its not redeemed…..

Full article: http://thefinance.sg/2012/06/03/market-overview-040612/


Here’s an overview of the fast, readily available services which will make your move to Singapore much more convenient!

Here’s an overview of the fast, readily availab...

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Getting things done in Singapore is generally a breeze. The nation’s reputation for efficiency translates into fast, readi...