28 May '12, 8am

We're very proud of the @NeoTokyoProject for being a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards! Go vote for them daily!

Click on the individual categories to vote! 投选最爱的部落格 赢取丰富奖品! 每人每天能够在各个组别投一票,支持你心爱的部落格! 专业评审团的评分占总分的70%,网民的票选则占30%。Panasonic最受欢迎名人部落格/微博奖项将完全由网民的投票定断。 投票截止日期:2012年6月30日 VOTE AND WIN GREAT PRIZES! Vote for your favourite blog now! Cast ONE VOTE in each category EVERY DAY! The overall winner for each category will be determined 30% by public votes, and 70% by a panel of professional judges. Winner of Panasonic Most Popular Overseas / Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog will be determined 100% by public votes. CLOSING DATE: 30 JUNE 2012

Full article: http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2012/category/?cat=wth&seq=9


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