26 Jan '15, 11pm

For Cartophiles – Map Mania at the NLB

I love maps, and I was pleasantly surprised when I made my way up to rehearsals at the Drama Centre Theatre yesterday, because there was this display in the lobby of the National Library (Central) featuring the first topographical map of Singapore. That is part of an exhibition on maps called “Geo|Graphic: Celebrating Maps and their Stories “. I plan to check it out when we get a break from preparing for the show . It (both the show and the exhibition) promises to be fascinating. For instance, did you know that Tampines, Toa Payoh and Gelang were named more than a hundred years ago? Or that the terminal building of Kallang Airport still stands? Painstakingly preserved map of Singapore City from 1947 (from National Archives of Singapore)

Full article: http://miyagi.sg/2015/01/cartophiles-map-mania-nlb/


Map of Singapore EXPO Max Pavilion.

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The Veterans Affairs Department says that by midsummer all offices should be coordinating efforts along a newly drawn five...

This map is bad news for the Midwest

This map is bad news for the Midwest

grist.org 28 Jan '15, 11pm

The ongoing drought in California has been, among other things, a powerful lesson in how vulnerable America’s agricultural...