13 May '12, 3am

New blog post: Anti WiFi wallpaper

New blog post: Anti WiFi wallpaper

Here’s a very useful invention. Scientists have come up with a special type of wallpaper that will filter out up to three different frequencies simultaneously. The wallpaper uses copper which allows it to block WiFi signals while letting GSM, 4G and emergency calls through. The wallpaper is made up of interlocked snow flake like patterns which can be covered up with any other wallpaper. There are several uses for this sort of anti WiFi wallpaper. It is good for preventing your home WiFi signal from getting out of your house and risk being accessed/hacked by passerby. I think it will also be useful if you have a lot of WiFi spot around your house. Blocking WiFi signal from outside will improve your WiFi performance. Restaurants and cafe can also use these Anti WiFi wallpaper to prevent non-customers from using their free WiFi. Although WiFi still can leak through the doors,...

Full article: http://blog.dk.sg/2012/05/13/anti-wifi-wallpaper/


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soyacincau.com 13 May '12, 1am

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