03 Jan '15, 3am

anyway it's friday night and there are two pages of balderdash!

There is no comic with this ID.

Full article: http://www.balderdashcomic.com/index.php?id=101


anyway page 97 & 98 up on balderdash!

balderdashcomic.com 03 Jan '15, 3am

the flame was not hot, but rather felt like a radiating and light warmth. the feeling of your raw skin once you've sat by ...

Things I’m Loving Friday #66

Things I’m Loving Friday #66

pbfingers.com 02 Jan '15, 2pm

And now it’s time to dive right into your weekly Things I’m Loving Friday post where we all chat about the things we’re lo...

You Have Location Pages! Now What? by @Andrew_B...

searchenginejournal.com 02 Jan '15, 12pm

In an ideal world, each location page (or at least regional page) would have its own blog to consistently produce fresh, l...

Photo: Hello Friday night. How youuu doin?

mylifeinheels.tumblr.com 27 Dec '14, 6am

Hi! I'm Celine and I have a blog at theshoegirl.blogspot.com I'm a shoe designer and all around shoe enthusiast. On my nif...