31 Dec '14, 7am

Auld Lang Syne

It’s almost 3pm on 31 December and here I am following a simple tradition that I had. To look back and reflect on the year. Actually 2014 is quite uneventful for me. Even the Facebook Year In Review looks so boring that I didn’t bother sharing. I thought I will be seeing huge changes in my life 1 year ago as we approach 2014. But I was wrong. Nothing much has changed. Maybe this is better but we will never know. Plans changed along the way. I guess that’s life. You make plans and you make adjustment as you go along. Some wishes were answered while some were forgotten. End of the day, we just need to learn what to hold on and what to let go. 2015 is going to be a huge year (I guess). Singapore is celebrating its 50th Birthday. And the geek in me is excited because 2015 is also the year in Back To The Future 2. But most importantly, I certain that some things that were suppo...

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