07 May '12, 1am

I bloggggeddddd!!!! U c not?!?!

I bloggggeddddd!!!! U c not?!?!

I've been on a 1 week break not idling but I was busy preparing for my wedding, I'm sure u know that! I plastered pictures of myself all over Twitter !!! Sorry can't help it, I'm vain like that. Anyway new OOTD post, bought this top for RM10 in KSL. Love the embroidered neckline, it could look both ways, casual and chic. Love my hot pink wedges. Loop on a casual floral bag to head out to chinatown. Some random accessories I threw on. Oh so sorry, too engross with my outfit I nearly forgot that I wanted to talk about my face. K la, I saving the best for last. quite chio right? thanks to KIWIBERRY1 , they provide the nicest lens ever. Have u seen my announcement for the winner? I look super good when I match walnut hair with brown lens. Using Urban Decay Naked 2 with Dolly wink (top Otona-No.9) (Bottom-No.6)

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Podoll fans, The Flutter Sleeve Belted Tunic is today's Daily Lust! It's 15% off today only so don't miss out!

Podoll fans, The Flutter Sleeve Belted Tunic is...

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Ahhh summer. This breezy dress is lightweight and carefree. Belted tunic dress. Lightweight, gauzy cotton. Made in USA. Ab...



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My beaut and I attended a wedding 1 week before our big day. We rarely head out together for wedding except for our own lo...

(6) Sgt. John C. Griffith

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Died May 5, 2006 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom 33, of Las Vegas, Nev.; assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 10th Avi...

Avengers storm to top of US box office

Avengers storm to top of US box office

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Earth's mightiest comic book heroes brought to life in The Avengers stomped the opposition on Sunday to storm victoriously...