27 Dec '14, 8am

Cory Diary : Dividend Returns

When i started investing many years ago is for the gamble and earning quick money. I dabble in Warrants in the days when they are extremely popular. And made good money like $10K total in/out trading them despite my business work schedule. It was day where the market only knows how to climb. Danger of Warrants I did fell once where my “Tang” expired and went with my $1500 in smoke. I remember my broker screaming at me pondering whether i know what the hell it is, and i kind of laugh it off in my head. But i learned from it that 6 months before expiry i need to be careful. She is still my broker today. Then as i get bolder over the years, i plough into larger part of my little saving. Those days I have colleagues who lamented to me how desperate they are to get …

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Baby and Me Diary 8

bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com 02 Jan '15, 4pm

Went to see the fortune teller today. Bb she say you are gonna be a very mischievous and short-tempered baby =OOO But good...