05 May '12, 9am

Have you seen a smiling monkey? I saw one the other day... I love her!!!

Have you seen a smiling monkey? I saw one the other day... I love her!!!

Thomson is a place I love and there isn't a neighbourhood I'd rather be in. I've got mad love for this place. I want to show you and the world how awesome this place really is. The only way I can do that is through pictures and maybe even a video special someday. So do lookout for my Thomson posts and videos in the coming month. Cool? I recently brought my camera to Lower Pierce Reservoir. I've spent most of my childhood running through the forests, playing with the long-tailed macaques and whatever reptiles I could get my hands on. Yup, that was my childhood. We didn't have a computer, no handheld game devices and I didn't have much toys. Nature and a good number of drains were my toys. Looking back, I wouldn't have wanted things any other way. It brought me closer to nature and I grew up appreciating wild life. That's just something money can't buy.

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