20 Apr '12, 6am

CapitaCommercial Trust 1Q2012 results

CCT had just posted their 1Q2012 financial results. Six Battery Road (one of their property) was badly battered with gross revenue for the property dropping to $12mil as compared to $16.2mil in 1Q2011. Net property income for Six Battery Road dropped to $10.6mil as compared to $12.4mil in 1Q2011. The bad result, however, is offset [...]

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Suntec Reit 1Q2012 Result

Suntec Reit 1Q2012 Result

thefinance.sg 24 Apr '12, 8pm

Tags Real estate investment trust , SGX , suntecREIT Suntec Reit 1Q2012 Result by The Journalist on April 25, 2012 Suntec ...

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