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Siau Ling March 31, 2011 00:12 Just want to say that you are really an inspiration. jiayou. cruzteng March 31, 2011 00:17 aww…… 谢谢你的错爱 DC March 31, 2011 00:13 Jiayou! Look forward to the next 15 years! http://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/ cruzteng March 31, 2011 00:16 haha i’m not looking forward to becoming a lao kok kok dj

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New on ::WOOHOO:: 4月1日:一起进入「愚人的国度

New on ::WOOHOO:: 4月1日:一起进入「愚人的国度

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about the event an hour ago. Almost immediately, I received replies from people bearing the avatar of Stefanie Sun’s boyfr...

New on ::WOOHOO:: 精心策劃的愚人節佈局宣告失敗。孫小姐:這次算你幸運。 :P

New on ::WOOHOO:: 精心策劃的愚人節佈局宣告失敗。孫小姐:這次算你幸運。 :P

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#2 – The joke would be on Yanzi. The mall was supposed to turn off all the lights, simulating a power breakdown. I had eve...

New on ::WOOHOO:: - Supper. Evil.

New on ::WOOHOO:: - Supper. Evil.

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. This conversation took place on Friday evening.

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I have no idea why I allowed myself to enter a bet which has no obvious benefits for me. Note: My friend below is of ample...