Istana Woodneuk: via @wordpressdotcom

Hi! I was searching on Istana Woodneuk and came upon your post, I made a trip down to the place a few days ago, and I’m glad it’s still around! (as there were some news online on construction work that is ongoing around it). There is indeed construction work that’s ongoing now, but so far the house has not been affected yet. It is indeed no longer possible to go in via the gates near Botanic Gardens. To head to Istana Woodneuk, you would have to cut through the trees, the slopes, the grass plantation…(enter from the bus stop opposite Dempsey). It’s not easy, but do-able! However, please ask a friend along as it is quite dangerous to be going there alone.. Please wear long pants and covered shoes when attempting this route, my legs are badly bitten by insects/scratched by grass as I was wearing shorts…

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