09 Apr '12, 11am

@syikin11 erm, a bruise?

In my post about Isaac's baluku , reader Journeyman said the following : you meant buah duku? please for once, could you singaporean chinese - or chinese singaporeans - get your malay words right? like "otak otak" shortened to and misspelt as ota*H*. good grief. Actually, no. I meant baluku . I know the root word is from the fruit "buah duku" but a swollen bruise is called "baluku" by most Singlish speakers, especially Chinese Singaporeans. In the same way, we call bread "loti", even though the root word is "roti". The same goes for "otah". From an NUS EL2111 course (Historical Variation in English) webpage on The non-Anglo Englishes (NEs) : The ‘internal system’ within a speaker is partly the result of the external input available to that speaker. This exposure might therefore lead to a ‘Mandarin’ system, a ‘Standard English’ system and a ‘Singlish’ system within that spe...

Full article: http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/2005/04/baluku_or_buah_.html


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mrbrown.com: A child-friendly deal spotted

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